Thursday, January 30, 2014

Today someone told me I'm like a cat... and it's turned out to be accurate.

We now bring you to the portion in our program called "Ten thoughts floating around my brain lately."

1. I cut down on some job interview stress by just wearing the same thing to every interview. I only wear that outfit for like an hour. I am doing laundry tomorrow, so everyone calm down.

2. As a recent graduate/current full-time job hunter, I feel like I have no direction in life. But of course "that thing" will happen so I'm told what direction to take...right? It's not. What am I supposed to do? Where do I find the goal in my life? What is my new permanent?

3. Why can't I get my WiFi password set up correctly. Help me, please.

4. What I want to do, or where I want to go, or how I want my personal life to be ranges from one extreme to another and everything in between multiple times a day. And it's exhausting. *See items 5 and 7.

5. I do, in fact, spend a lot of time sitting/lying on the floor in my room pondering, trying to relax, trying to keep my thoughts from straying to things I've tried to put behind, asking God for a few things, and writing (guess where I am now). This is also what sparked my cat likeness discussion tonight.

6. I think it takes a couple times meeting me to get a good feel for what I'm capable of. (AKA I walk out of interviews and THEN all the awesome things about myself that I forgot to mention come to the front of mind).

7. When I've got to much on my mind, my usual go-to music is country. Just put all my country songs on shuffle. Or Kelly Clarkson.
Because, Kelly Clarkson.

8. Go Seahawks!!! PLEASE win on Sunday.

9. I'm feeling a viewing of The Iron Lady needs to happen soon. Get feeling awesmome and well, Meryl Streep.

10. Lady Antebellum concerts are freaking amazing. They are fantastic live and great performers. They are, indeed, one of my favorite bands. It was the definitely the best concert I've attended.

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