Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The lessons I learned at BYU

Sorry my blogging has been so sporadic this semester. It was my last, and it was not the easiest. Never have I had a more stressful, incredibly busy semester (and yeah, it's been pretty emotional too...whatever).

This week I graduate from BYU and today is my final day at The Universe. I've spent the better part of the last 2 years in this newsroom. I was a sports reporter, the campus desk editor, the sports desk editor and I've finished up as the opinion editor.

There are many things I look back on my time here that make me smile. And there are quite a few that I look back on that make me cry. That's life for ya. But I'm glad I stuck it out when I was freshman and wanted nothing more for several months than to transfer to a different school. BYU is a home for me now.

The newsroom is one of my favorite places on campus (we all know South Field, cheering on the soccer team, is my absolute favorite place at BYU). I've made the best friends in my classes and at work. I'm going to miss the newsroom so very much.

My last editorial as opinion editor is also one of my favorites:

The lessons I learned at BYU

It’s hard to say which semester or year was my best at BYU as my college career comes to an end this week. I’ve stopped trying to classify a certain year in my life as good or bad. Like most everything else, it’s not black and white, but many shades of grey.

BYU students and members of the LDS Church often give off this appearance of perfection and the attitude of “if you just have a little more faith, you’ll be fine and happy.” While it’s important to have faith, the fact remains that at times life is just plain hard, and sometimes it’s OK that things aren’t OK. The truth is that we’ve all faced similar struggles at one point or another.
Through the highs and lows of life during my time at BYU, I’ve learned many lessons. Coming into work every day as the Opinion Editor and reading through your letters—hearing about your struggles, complaints, losses and gains—I’ve learned from the lessons you’ve had to learn...
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