Sunday, September 22, 2013

Post Secret revisited

Remember when I used to post about Post Secret all the time? Wasn't that grand? I've still been reading them every single Sunday and saving my favorites; I've talk about how I feel about Post Secret. However, I haven't shared any.

Welllllll, it's been much to long.

Some brand new, some recent, some I-don't-even-know-how old.
Enjoy :)

Since I don't even speak French. It says (according to 
Frank—so probably Google Translate): "I am never as 
happy as in my armchair with a book in my arms." 
Goodness, I love reading.

How much does this resonate with me? A lot.

My RA has been there for me since she was my RA 
when I was a freshman. She's one of  my closest 
friends, and I miss her dearly! Even though we don't, 
and never will again, see each other/talk every day like 
we did four years ago, we've stayed in contact & I'm so 
glad we have :) So this just reminded me of 
her and how awesome she is.

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anna said...

That second one, man. Makes me want to cry every time.