Saturday, January 12, 2013

The one and only, Grumpy Cat

Along with Fabulous Bear, "You had one job," and "Well, that escalated quickly" memes, Grumpy Cat memes are my favorite.  Need a good laugh?

Here are a few.


Sometimes Bev and I get a tad carried away with Grumpy Cat.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Time does not heal all wounds

Don't scoff now. It's not even true in a literal sense. When we are physically injured we don't just allow time to heal our wounds. We apply pressure and stop the bleeding; we clean the wound. We stitch or bandage it up, then we change the bandages. We apply antibiotics and ointments. We gingerly protect our wounds and injuries from further damage. We check on it every day to ensure we are progressing and not getting an infection. We apply creams for weeks to diminish scars and lessen their visibility. Yes this all takes time, but we actively work on healing our injuries quickly and aid in keeping them healthy. 

The same is true for our emotional wounds and scars.

Time allows us to get over the shock. It allows us to get used to what we've been through. Time allows our emotions to reduce from a boil to a simmer, allowing us to garner control of our emotions. It allows us to think, to process. Time allows us to be humbled and allows us to get stronger. Time allows the wounds to merely stop bleeding, waiting to be easily ripped open again.

All this can happen, but we will never heal until we heal ourselves. Time allows us to hunker down and weather the storm. But you can't stay ducked down forever; you have to get back up. 

Once we are over the shock and truama, we can really look at what happened to us. Once we can control our emotions we can deal with them and change how we feel. Once we've swallowed our large helping of humility, we can ask for help. Once we have the strength, we can sew up our wounds.

Time doesn't heal the wounds, it prepares us to be able to heal the wounds. We have to remove what is hurting us. We have to protect ourselves against further damage. We have to work on our progress everyday. We reduce the visibility of emotional scars by surrounding ourselves with laughter, love, and service. 

Just as a large and deep gash, if left unattended, could cause us to bleed to death or succumb to infection that will worsen our physical state, emotional wounds left unattended will fester and harden our hearts against the world. 

And even small cuts cause us discomfort and can become infected.