Sunday, November 25, 2012

W7: Wants, needs. They're like the same...right?

Week seven: seven wants

What, oh what do I want? I find it interesting this week falls right around the beginning of the Christmas season (pay close attention Mom and Dad! juuust kiiding, mostly). A lot of these are things I aspire to be able to afford many years from now. Others I'd like, right about now. Some I've had a lot of fun doing with friends and family with over the years and I want to be able to continue making fun memories with people I care about.

for this semesters to be over. I don't like most of my classes and I just can't WAIT for this semester to be over so I don't have struggle through boring lectures anymore and do the many homework assignments I've been doing the past few months that I think are just stupid and not helpful to my learning the material. I don't mean that this semester has sucked. I love my job and co-workers. I love my friends and all the funs things we do. But it's time for a break. PLUS it means it is CHRISTMAS!! And I get to go home and see my family and dogs. It means I get to watch tons of movies and read books (btw-any suggestions on some good reads I should check out?). It means Christmas lights and music. It means decorations and parties. I just want these next three weeks to zip along at a decent pace.

awesome, new co-workers. Unfortunately some of my co-workers will be leaving (or have already left) The Universe after this semester due to graduation or internships or just other things. Only a few will be leaving, and it's a little sad, but for how many people are in the newsroom we all get a long pretty well. Drama is few and far between and it's a pretty solid work environment most of the time. So, I just want the new ones who fill their positions to be awesome as well. No disrupting the balance! I'm sure it will be grand.

a library. One day, when I have a house, I shall have a library. Tall bookshelves with comfortable chairs and a good couch where I can read in peace and quiet, with big windows that let in all the light. A fireplace wouldn't hurt either. I really love to read and I want a great place to have all my books and space for all the books I will yet read. My sister Shannon and I both have this aspiration. We just want a cozy library where we can kick back with our books.

a jeep grand cherokee laredo. This is my dream car, has been for many years. My Uncle Matt has one that he lets me drive, which is grand. One of my friends from high school had one that I drove all time. I don't know, I just love them. They are fun to drive, they sit me up high so I can see. They aren't huge monsters but can still fit a good amount of people and can tow things (see below). One day. It will be my next car, but for now — and for many, many more years — my Suzuki SX4 will easily suffice.

a puppy. Since I was eight years old my family has had dogs. We have three currently, a dog and two puppies. We all know how much I adore them and how much my world revolves around them when I'm home. Dogs are truly man's best friend and once I get out of Provo and graduate and get settled down into whatever my life ends up being in a little over a year I am getting a puppy ASAP. And I can't wait. I just can't wait.

a 4-wheeler. Oh, how much I owe all of my friends over the years who have 4-wheelers. I think they are so much fun. I never pass up a chance to go 4-wheeling. I've been all over the place in several states and several different terrains. And once I get my jeep, I can hook the trailer up and go 4-wheeling to my hears content.

a wave runner. My family has a boat practically as long as I can remember and it is a blast. Don't get me wrong, I want a boat too, but wave runners are SO much fun. My aunt's family has one and we've rented one before and they are fantastic and exhilarating. I could spend all day out on the water on a wave runner. They're "the motorcycle of the sea!"

“whatever you want, 
at any moment, 
someone else is getting it. 
whatever you have, 
someone else is longing for.”
>laura lippman, the most dangerous thing 

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Jess said...

My future house will also have a library (my dream house has a library a la beauty and the beast...but that's probably not going to happen...) and I will drive a jeep grand cherokee loredo! Twiners :)