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W5: Just look at these slices of deliciousness

Week five: five foods

“You can tell a lot about a fellow's character by his way of eating jellybeans. ”  — Ronald Reagan

I actually enjoy cooking. I cooked a lot when I still lived at home and I cook when I go home for Christmas. I don't cook so much while I'm at school just because it takes time I usually don't have and it's not "my" kitchen. I share it with others and I don't have all the kitchen accessories and ingredients I do at my parents' house.

This week wasn't too difficult (though I had to cut mashed potatoes from my list, I know, it was tough). I'm not a super picky eater (I hate mushrooms though, they gross me out) and I love food. These were the first ones that came to mind.

1. Thai Food. 

Okay, my dad went on his LDS mission to Thailand when he was 19 and I am so glad he did. I'm pretty sure my family eats Thai food more than your average American family. 

I LOVE Thai food. It's spicy; it has so many flavors; it is just delicious. Favorites? Pad Thai, Chicken Satay, Sum Tum (this one is really spicy), and Massaman Curry. I love the peanut sauces and the vegetables are so good. But there are few dishes I don't like. 

Also, one of my favorite parts of getting Thai food with my family is hearing my dad speak Thai. He can still speak it fluently and the waitresses also get a kick out of this middle-aged white man speaking great Thai. It's really fun to hear. 

I've gotten several friends into Thai food since coming to BYU. Or when another friend and I discover we both like Thai food, it's super exciting because a lot of people are wary of trying Thai food and so we can go get it together. (Also, Zupas Thai lobster soup is pretty dang good). One of my friends, her dad also went to Thailand on his mission, and I swear this conversation took place multiple times before we finally remembered we'd had it before.

Me: I love Thai food, it's so good.
Her: Oh yeah, me too.
Me: My dad served his mission in Thailand and so I've grown up eating it kind of a lot.
Her: oh hey, mine did too! We get Thai food a lot too.
Me:....wait haven't we talked about this before?
Her:...oh yeah, we have.
Me: Well we should go get some Thai food.
Her: Yeah, I'm pretty hungry.

                   More than once. This happened more than once.

2. Mexican Food.

This too is a family favorite. I'm not even kidding, growing up my family went and got Mexican food at least once or twice a month. There were times it was a once-a-week thing. 

I get the same thing 99% of the time. It's a combination dinner — taco, enchilada, rice & beans. Every time. My sister Shannon usually gets fajitas. I don't know what it is, but it's a favorite. Chips & salsa? Might as well count it as a major food group for my family. And my mom makes the best homemade salsa. And the queso dips we get are so freaking delicious. 

Whenever my family moves one of the first things we do is locate the nearest Mexican restaurants and determine our favorite so we can frequent it. And often. 

My personal favorite still remains Monterrey outside of Ft. Bragg, NC. We went there once a week for several months. We may have single handily kept that place afloat with our family of six. Also, I've been there (I'm pretty sure it was Monterrey — there have been so many) for a birthday one year and got to wear a giant sombrero while they sang happy birthday to me and gave me free fried ice cream. 

When we lived in New York our Mexican food obsession took a hit. NY does not do Mexican all that well. Here in Utah my family has been frequenting La Casita in Springville since my parents were here in the 80s. Mexican food. It's a family thing. It just hits the spot.

3. Salmon.

This is my favorite individual food. Although I am a HUGE seafood fan in general. I absolutely love, love, love salmon. Salmon became my favorite food the summer of 2007. How is it that I can pinpoint this? It's because that summer my family went to Europe for two weeks and we went to Germany, Austria, Belgium,  France, and England.

Whilst in France we went to this little French restaurant and I ordered their salmon dish (after almost ordering the raw salmon dish because I don't speak French). And it was the best thing I'd ever had in my life. It was so flavorful, and fresh, and perfect.

Ever since I've loved salmon and I order it a lot. My favorite is lemon pepper salmon. It rocks. My younger sister hates seafood so when we have salmon and she's all "ewww, it's gross!" I'm all "Sweet, more for me!"

4. Meatballs.

New York. Carthage High School. Soccer and lacrosse tailgates. This is where my love for meatballs came from. After our soccer and lacrosse games we would often have "tailgate" parties (I don't know why we called them that. It was a gathering in the cafeteria after the games to eat food that our parents brought/that Stefano's Pizza gave us. Those were fun times; I miss those days). Anyway, one of the moms made these amazing meatballs every time. I ate a lot of them. They were so dang good and my favorite things at the tailgates.

My favorite Subway sub? Meatball marina on wheat with American & parmesan cheese, onions, and oregano — toasted. Always toasted.
Also, I recently fell in love/became obsessed with The Pizza Factory's Italian meatballs. They freaking. good. Every time I go there are I get angel hair pasta, with pesto sauce, and Italian meatballs. Ask my roommates and friends, I'm always wanting to go there now.

5. Pie. Coconut Cream Pie & French Silk Pie.

Coconut cream pies and French silk pies from Bob Evan's are the best things ever. They are my absolute favorite pies. Every time I'm at Target in the frozen food section I have to refrain from buying Sara Lee's pies. Because I would want to (and not be able to) eat the whole thing at once/my roommates would try to take my pie! Such thievery would happen.

I mean, just look at these slices of deliciousness.

They are so. dang. delicious.

It's not even funny how hungry this post has made me. Is there a way I can eat all these foods at once today? Sadly, I think not. But I am going to have to go eat something right now. It's going to be hard to decide what to get....pie, pie sounds good though.

“the only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook.”
>julia child 

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