Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In retrospect...I was totally wrong (but I really knew it all along)

In one of my classes the other week we were talking about decision making models. Sounds grand, right? All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I had a life lesson to ponder. 

Sometimes when we have to make a choice we choose one we want to be the right decision, even though we know deep down it's not the right one. But we make it anyway and try to go back and justify our reasoning. And usually that justification is flawed. This is called the Retrospective Decision Making Model.

Sometimes we know the right choice to make (or at least which choice of the many options is wrong), but it's hard, uncomfortable, or is going to be painful at first and we don't want to endure that. So we keep going the wrong way, trying to talk ourselves into believing this choice makes us happy.

Eventually, we're going to break down and come to terms with the fact that this was never the right choice. Then we have to go back and make the one we should have in the first place and by now it's even harder to correct our mistake. 

We're all at fault to doing this. And hopefully we catch ourselves in time before we've gone to far to go back.

Anyway, it just got me and a classmate thinking (after the initial shock of learning something useful in that class).

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