Monday, October 29, 2012

The most & the greatest

My grandma emailed me this the other day. 
Just thought I'd share.

"The Most and the Greatest"

          The most destructive habit — Worry

          The greatest Joy — Giving

          The greatest loss — Loss of self-respect

          The most satisfying work — Helping others

          The ugliest personality trait — Selfishness

          The most endangered species — Dedicated leaders

          Our greatest natural resource — Our youth

          The greatest "shot in the arm" — Encouragement

          The greatest problem to overcome — Fear

          The most effective sleeping pill — Peace of mind

          The most crippling failure disease — Excuses

          The most powerful force in life — Love

          The most dangerous pariah — A gossiper

          The world's most incredible computer — The brain

          The worst thing to be without — Hope

          The deadliest weapon — The tongue

          The two most power-filled words — "I Can"

          The greatest asset — Faith

          The most worthless emotion — Self-pity

          The most beautiful attire — Smile

          The most prized possession — Integrity

          The most powerful channel of communication — Prayer

          The most contagious spirit — Enthusiasm

Friday, October 26, 2012

W3: We will stand on principle... or we will not stand at all

I know. I missed Week 3 of the 10 Week Challenge....twice. To be fair, the first weekend I was in Phoenix for older sister, Shannon's, wedding. So I was a bit busy and that was my priority. The second weekend, yes, I missed it again. I kind of forgot/was watching Veronica Mars. Who doesn't absolutely love Kristen Bell?

So, I'm getting back on track.

Week three: three films

My movie obsession is extremely high. Film to me is art. Dialogue and character development in a film can be amazing and relates viewers to the story. Cinematography and special effects can transport you to that place and time. I see a lot of movies. A lot.

I decided to narrow my options to the best three movies I've seen since coming to BYU and subtracting all series (so no Harry Potter or Hunger Games—because they are awesome).

**Easy A.

-Emma Stone is amazing/is my friend Amelia to a T.
-It has some of the best dialogue ever. Funny, quick, smart.
-I laugh SO hard at this movie. The fist time I saw it I watched it twice in 24 hours and I was rolling both times. Movies like Easy A, What Happens in Vegas, Sweet Home Alabama and Baby Mama...they get funnier every time.
-The characters kill me.
-Pulls in the best movies from the 80s. And yes, I have seen all of the ones they talk about in the movie. Classics.

**The Fighter.

-Mark Whalberg, Christain Bale & Amy Adams. I need hardly say more.
-Phenomenal acting.
-Real life: nosy & dysfunctional family, addiction, comedy, heartbreak, underdog story. 
-I laughed so hard at this movie and I also cried a little bit. 
-Seriously one of the best movies all around I have ever seen in my life.

**The Iron Lady

-In a word: obsessed.
-I don't know what it is, but I go on this british kick. The Iron Lady, WE, My Week with Marilyn (the week she filmed in England), The King's Speech all in the same week. 'Twas a glorious week.
-Seen it....6 times. It's grand every time.
-Beautiful acting. Merryl Streep. That's all.
-I am now obsessed with Margaret Thatcher. The world today is in desperate need of more leaders like her.
-Adding it to my DVD collection the next time I go to Target (oh hey, that's where I bought Easy A and The FIghter).

“the whole of life is just like watching a film. 
only it's as though you always get in ten minutes after the big picture has started, 
and no-one will tell you the plot, 
so you have to work it out all yourself from the clues.” 
>terry pratchett

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's her special day

Hey! Check out my opinion editorial in The Universe!

It's here or here :)

The art of listening. Because we could all communicate a little bit better.

That's all.

Oh just kidding. Watch this. I have no idea how this show got cancelled with scenes like this. (You have to go to YouTube though. Who disables the embedding plug?)

Friday, October 5, 2012

W2: Your knuckles are bruised from a losing fight

Week Two: Two songs

This is tough. I've seriously been pondering what two songs I would post continually through out the week. Why is it hard to pick only two songs? Because I have 3,089 songs on my iPod. I could listen to my music, without any repeats, for 8. straight. days. That's why this is hard. I could list twenty songs, I still don't think I would be satisfied. I listen to music nearly all the time. At night, in the car, at work, doing homework, cleaning, walking around campus and home.

Country music is my love, but I like a lot of other genres and artists too. I had to narrow it down. I knew I had to pick songs either from Kelly Clarkson, Lady Antebellum, Reba, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Anberlin, Blake Shelton, Sugarland or Boys Like Girls . It's safe to say I listen to them the most. I chose not do a song I've already blogged about (I think). Then I went to the most played songs from my iTunes and picked two of those.

I got this song at a time when I definitely didn't think I was going to make it. 
It's helpful to know even in the bleakest of times, 
there is always someone to pick you up and brush you off.

Seriously, I thoroughly enjoy every song on this album. 
Things don't work out how you think they will.
It sucks; let's sing about it and know it sucks for others too.

I am a firm believer in the influence music has in our lives. Music reaches us in a way many other things can't. I've talked about music on my blog before, several times I'm sure. So, I won't go into depth now. But music and lyrics reaches our souls and expresses our emotion clearer than we can come up with on our own sometimes. It can lift us up and it can makes us feel that what we are going through is universal and that we are not alone. I so desperately wish I had musical talents.

“music expresses that which cannot be put into words
and that which cannot remain silent.” 
>victor hugo