Saturday, September 29, 2012

W1: A picture's worth a thousand words

So, I've seen a few people doing the "10 Day/Week Challenge" on their blogs, and since my blogging consistency has been somewhat lacking these days I thought I'd join the club. (The 10 Week club, not 10 Day).

It goes like this:

Week one: One picture
Week two: Two songs
Week three: Three films
Week four: Four books
Week five: Five foods
Week six: Six places
Week seven: Seven wants
Week eight: Eight fears
Week nine: Nine Loves
Week ten: Ten Secrets

I think it aught to be a little fun and interesting. And I'll post on over the next 10 weekends. No set day.

So, week one. One picture. On a quick skim through my many pictures on my computer and on facebook finding just one to represent me was quite difficult. There were a few top contenders. This one won out though.

I chose this picture for a few reasons.

1. It's totally candid. I didn't know the person taking this picture was taking pictures, nor that they were even there. (If that sounds creepy, it totally wasn't. They called me like two seconds later laughing about it.)

2. I do love to laugh, and over the years several people have told me they love my laugh. It's kind of what people comment on a lot, so I figure it represents me a little bit.

3. This was a good day. Not because of anything crazy or awesome, but just because I left my stresses behind for a few hours to watch a softball game with one of my oldest friends. (Which is rare for me since I moved so much growing up). It was just a pleasant moment in my week last year.

4. I think we all need to laugh a little more. I think I need to be a little happier.

“what i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, 
impossible to reproduce.”
>karl lagerfeld 

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