Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nobody tosses a dwarf

While, this did make me laugh today...

I wanted to write some satirical rant about something that annoys me, but my humor has left me for the time being.

Here's the thing. How long and how many times have I been the bigger person? Have I bent over backwards? Have buried my anger and hurt and apologized? Have I had to be the one groveling back? Have I caved? Have I lost? Have I forgiven? The answer, my entire life.

Siblings. Friends. Relationships. Roommates. Parents. Co-workers.

Sometimes I breakdown and put a stop to it; but really, it usually ends badly that way too.

I wish I could say I was changing my ways; no more will I be made to feel this way. But no, that's who I am. I'm a people pleaser I guess I've discovered. I don't walk away. I fight for the things I care about, even if it's hard or futile. I am sorry. I will forgive. Sometimes it's tiring. Sometimes it's worth it.

And sometimes it sucks.

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