Sunday, May 6, 2012

They never let me down

Sometimes, some people think I 'm ridiculous for how much I love my dogs. But my dogs have been my best friends longer than I've ever known one of my friends. We got our first dog when I was 8 years old. I've had dogs for 13 years; that's a long time. The longest I've lived in a place with the same friend is 3 years (and only because we both moved at the same time to the same place). My dogs have been my best friends, and my only friends at times. So yes, my dogs mean a heck of a lot to me. I miss them when I'm at school, and I still miss Sassy who died a few years ago. And unfortunately, one day when the rest eventually follow, I'll miss them too. 

And why shouldn't we love our dogs? They are "man's best friend" as they say after all. But let me say this–dogs are unlike our human relationships for many reasons. And I don't just mean that they are animals that can't talk (and just because they can't speak doesn't mean they can't communicate). They have their own unique personalities. I know this for a fact. They know when their owners are upset and they'll be your shadow and stay by your side. They sleep at the end of my bed. They sit at my feet and in my lap.

Dogs, unlike the people in our lives, will never say hurtful things to you. Dogs will stay by your side no matter what you do or what's happened to you. Dogs will never judge you. Dogs will love you unconditionally and will always remain loyal. They will only really leave you once, the day they die. When they get out and lost, they're trying to get back home; and when they die, they just can't help how too short their life spans are. Dogs will lie down by your side. They will entertain you. And most importantly, they will never disappoint you. Ever. They're the only ones who will never let you down.

People come in and out of our lives. They do love us; they do stand by us. But they can also hurt us. People will let you down. People can leave. People can stop loving you. Even the people who love you, will hurt us and say and do hurtful things; they will let you down time and time again. Everyone in your life at some point is going to let you down. Intentional or not. It happens–that's life. That's how it works sometimes. But dogs are one-of-a-kind. They live to make us happy. They always make you feel loved.

And this goes for ourselves as well. We–I make mistakes; I do stupid things; I say things I wish I hadn't. I get mad and upset. I disappoint myself sometimes; sometimes, I let myself down.

Dogs may misbehave, but they are an animal, cut them some slack. They have instinct and don't know any better. All they know is that we love them and they love us.  So think my obsession with my dogs and puppies is above normal. I don't care. Because 3 years from now, who knows where we'll be. But I know my dogs will still be a part of my life. I will always be important to them. People have let me down; they never have. They've never disappointed me; so why would I treat them with anything else other than my absolute love?

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