Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Take-Away

Let's be real here. I watch Grey's Anatomy for a LOT of reasons. I think the medicine is interesting. I love Washington and Seattle. I love the drama (it is a drama after all). I love the humor. I love the characters. I love how if you're having a great day I get to sit down and watch a show I love. But I really love that if you're having a really terrible day you can sit down and momentarily leave your problems behind, you momentarily grow numb to your sadness, anger, or hurt. Grey's is special like that. BUT one of the main reasons is for the monologues–throughout the show, and more so the voiceovers at the beginning and end of each episode. The take-away of the episode, the point, the lesson life-lesson learned (or the not-quite-yet-learned lesson). The main quote. 

And I love them.

"Everyday we get to give the gift of life.
It can be painful,
it can be terrifying,
but in the end it’s worth it.
 Every time.
We all have the opportunity to give.
Maybe the gifts are not as dramatic as what happens in the operating room;
maybe the gift is to try and make a simple apology;
maybe it’s to understand another person’s point of view;
maybe it’s to hold a secret for a friend.
The joy supposedly is in the giving.
So when the joy is gone,
when the giving starts to feel more like a burden,
that’s when you stop.
But if you’re like most people I know,
you give 'till it hurts
...and then you give some more."

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