Sunday, March 11, 2012

How Dare You?


With this song right here.

I heard it on CMT's Top 20 Countdown. (Yes, I watch that; I actually watch the same one throughout the entire week. I just can't get enough country music). It's one of the Bonus Videos this week. 

I've probably listened to it close to 50 times now. I bought it on iTunes yesterday. I'm listening to it right now. I love Miranda Lambert, and Blake Shelton. And I can definitely hear Blake's voice in the lyrics. I really liked this song a lot more after I learned what it was about. And Miranda just hits it out of the park. It's soft and smooth and not in your face. It's beautiful.

It was written by Miranda and Blake about Blake's teenage loss of his older brother in a car accident. And I just love Miranda and Blake together, I mean this is what she said about the song:

 "Blake said he couldn’t record [it] for himself or sing it onstage every night, but he would be honored for me to."

They. are. so. precious.

It's a very simple song lyrically, but I think that it allows the emotion of it to be so powerful. You can really connect to how he felt. The chorus is short and simple, but powerful.

"but you went away.
how dare you?
I miss you.
they say I'll be okay,
but I'm not going to ever get over you"

How dare you? I think that's probably the most powerful line in this song. When we lose someone or something, sometimes we feel angry towards the person we lost, and blame them–why did they leave us here all alone?

Then the next verse: 

"living alone here in this place
I think of you, and I’m not afraid

your favorite records make me feel better
cause you sing along 
with every song
I know you didn’t mean to give them to me"

It's more of the acceptance stage of grief.

One of the last lines, is where I can hear Blake in the words the most, it just sounds so like what he would say and how he would say it.

"It really sinks, you know, when I see it stone"

This is probably going to end up being one of my favorite Miranda Lambert songs to go along with Kerosene, New Strings, The House That Built Me, & Me and Your Cigarettes.
.....Yup, it is.

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