Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Keep a List of People I'd Mace

Post Secret attack! GO!

Oh this list is ever growing. People who don't call or email me back when I really need them too. People who can't park (see below four secrets). People who are inconsiderate. People who can't prioritize. People who think they're cooler than they are. People who dumb things. People are careless in any and all aspects of life. People who drag others in circles. People—just people. 

Thoughts? Feelings?
sometimes I see I've said/done things or have become something I thought I'd never be.

Made me laugh.

I have absolutely NO freaking idea what I am doing, what I should be doing, what I want to be doing.
at all.

I honestly don't understand why people can't park. a) it's not that hard b) you can fix it if you don't get in the lines
and not just in the lines, but fairly centered so people are squeezing by and hitting doors into cars. 
my gosh
it's not hard

gah, just pulls at all different emotions, doesn't it?

Time to break out the card stock and Crayola markers.
All I know is that if I was in that place, my older sister would've have saved me too.

We're just as responsible for the things we do 
as things we don't.

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