Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Carnival Cruise

So, I wrote this a while ago, but just now got around to posting this.

Here I sit at gate B50 waiting for my 5:40 flight that will take me to Chicago and then to Salt Lake. Oh how I wish I wasn't on my way back to Provo right now. I love break. No class, no homework; being at home, my family, my dogs. Going to movies with everyone. And in this year's case, being on a cruise for a week with my family. That is where I really want to go back. Being on a cruise is the easiest thing. It was amazing. I did super fun things all week. There is food, literally 24/7 and your bed gets made like 3 times a day. Cruise staff are super nice and always on the ball. I went to the Bahamas, it was awesome. I went parasailing, jet skiing in the ocean, huge waterparks, putt putt on the top deck of the ship, shows, just to name a few things I did. All it is is fun all day, everyday. No responsibility, no drama. All your problems seem a thousand miles away (and well, they kinda are). When you're at the top of the ship and you do a 360 and all you can see is endless water and no land--it's a little surreal.

Cruises are the way to go. And I only got seasick a little bit.

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