Monday, May 2, 2011

We Just Like The Alliteration

I have GROSSLY neglected my blogging duties. My apologies. I've been a tad busy though. I had many, many things to do:

-take finals
-clean my apartment
-move out of my apartment
-take my cousin to the ER the morning we were leaving for a 14 hour drive for the first day of our 3 day trip (see below)
-drive across the country
-do a ton of yard work for my mom
-watch the Royal Wedding (lets be real, I loved it)
-unpack (still working on that)
-job hunt (another ongoing task)
-go to Charlottesville and Baltimore for Northwestern and UConn women lacrosse games to surprise my old friends from high school who play for them (best. weekend. ever.)

So, I've been a little preoccupied.
BUT this is what I wrote whilst tearing down the highway::

After the end of a long semester and when finals are finally finished you are fried, and yet you still have to pack, load cars and trucks, clean out and clean your apartments. So at 3 in the morning, when all these conditions are met, everything is much funnier than it should be.

When Chelsie, Courtney and I are loading Chelsie’s car at 3 am so full that she can barely get in it to drive and we’re all so tired-everything was hilarious.

So, when Chelsie said I should write a blog all about her we laughed, but then I said, “but really, I am now.” So, here it is, my blog all about Chelsie.

  1. Her neon ‘Whompin Wombats’ t-shirt she would wear most Friday’s to go play frisbee and soccer is one of the coolest t-shirts I’ve seen (and I have around 100 t’s myself).
  2. “Frisbee Friday” even though we played ultimate and soccer, we just like the alliteration. Chelsie is responsible for setting that up and I literally planned my whole week around it and looked forward to it every Friday afternoon this year. And I’m already looking forward to my first Friday back in P-Rowdy in the fall so I can play it again with everyone.
  3. “Oh my heck!” Okay, this is a mostly Idaho thing (which makes sense that Chelsie says it...she’s form ID). It cracks me up, I don’t know why, it’s just funny.
  4. Chelsie makes some of the best cookies….ever.
  5. She’s in Cougar United. So she has all the cool Cougar United shirts, jackets, sweats, etc. So that’s really cool in itself, but then that also reminds me about it so I get my ID scanned more often which means I get more free BYU gear. Which, lets be real, is why I go to college [jk but it’s still a huge deal].
  6. Her apartment fed me dinner on more than one occasion.
  7. Her TV was pretty big and if we watched movies over there (which we did a lot) we’d most likely get cookies (see #3) or chips & salsa or something.
  8. She likes to DO things. Like go to sports games and play tennis and ride bikes (though no one else had bikes, poor Chelsie and how did like no one else have bikes? It’s Provo and we’re Mormon. hehe)
  9. Chelsie thinks I am really funny...or at least laughs really hard at everything I say. So that makes me love her even more.
  10. She, herself, is pretty dang funny and always fun to hang around. She’s pretty awesome.

So anyway-this is why we’re friends. I write this as I sit in the passenger seat of my car as Marian is driving at this point. I hope this efficiently embarrasses [but in a good way] Chelsie as it was my main goal haha. The glare makes it kinda hard to see, sooo I’m wrapping this up, now.

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