Friday, March 25, 2011

Lakes, Carlisle and Carthage High Schools

At a friends birthday party the other week someone posed the question along the lines: Would you go back to high school for $1 million? Some were like "eh, I guess for that much money." I on the other hand, with some others, said absolutely. I would go back for $1,000--heck, I'd go back for free.
Relive high school, espeically knowing what I know now, it'd possibly be better the second time around. I loved high school. Sure, there were difficult times, awkward times, even traumatic times--no one gets out of high school unscathed.
But, don't you remember Fallout Boy, Panic! At the Disco, and Hawthorne Heights. When Taylor Swift exploded onto the scene. When iPod mini's came out in 4 colors. When we walked everywhere because no one could drive. High school sport rivalries, spirit week, homecoming, playing soccer and lacrosse in the rain, running in blizzards, wearing your boyfriends jerseys to their games, sneaking out of your house, running from the cops, illegal fireworks. When you had teammates who had your back (playing sports is what I miss the most from high school, especially having teammates). Drive-ins. first dances, first dates, first kisses. Getting you car. Early morning seminary (alright, I hated that). Ordering pizza at 1 am & having it sent to the park where you'd sit on those swings for hours (in fact--I never ever saw kids at that park, always me and my friends). Homework you could finish in 5 minutes. Icees at the Shoppette. Bowling and movies because that's all there is to do. Back-roads. Not having to cook for yourself (even though I did eat more Ramen in high school than I do now). When you didn't have to read text books for hours from books you paid $100 for. Riding the bus. Gym class. Eating whatever you wanted. Sleepovers. Curfews. Team bonding, and you played laser-tag. Drama. Fights. Crying together, laughing together, not know what to do together. Being in trouble. Yearbooks & class rings. Teachers you hated. Teachers you loved. Coaches you hated. Coaches you loved. The people who made you homicidal. The people who only talked trash. The people you would do anything for. The people you did to anything for. The parents who "adopted" you. The houses you never had to knock on, you just waltzed right in. The people you defended from others. The people who defended you. I could go on for years-
So, yeah--high school was hard and traumatic sometimes, but I sure do miss it and my friends and all the stupid things we did. I miss playing soccer and lacrosse and frisbee and assassins. I don't miss being grounded. I miss how life was easier. I don't miss having to ask to do things. I miss my friends. I don't miss people I hated.
Sure, I still do a lot of things I mentioned and I have awesome friends--but it's not always the same. Now we talk about careers and internships [not summer-part time jobs]. Wedding dresses [not prom dresses]. Who we're going to marry [not who were going to date]. How we are paying for our college/apartments/food [not how we need 20 bucks for the movies this weekend--and we still need that too]. What we want to name our kids [not what should we name our dog]. It's great and life is good, but we all like to stroll down memory lane from time to time and it's just sad that, even when/if we go back home, it's not the same as it was in high school.
High school knocked me down...often, and it usually kicked me while I was down there too; but it never kept me down and I found myself on top plenty of times.

Post Secret from this week--see this tangent wasn't completely random.

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