Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Icing

2 movies I watched recently.
Oh wait, and LIMITLESS, too.
I'll just do a quick run down of these flicks.

How Do You Know: Classic Reese Witherspoon awesomeness, classic Jack Nicholson ridiculousness, classic awkward & adorable Paul Rudd and classic Owen Wilson being Owen Wilson. The plot was WAY WAY different than I had imagined in my head. I love Reese, she is simply amazing amazing amazing, and Paul is super adorable, I loved his character. It was funny and quirky. I'd deff see it again.

"Never drink to feel better; drink to feel even better."

The Fighter: What a fantastic movie. Christain Bale as I never expected to see him, he was BRILLIANT. And oh geez, Mark Wahlberg a) I will never tire looking at him and b) he did an amazing job. It was funny, the family dysfunction was believable and real and hilarious, the fights were oh so very intense. And holy smokes! Amy Adams-what a performance! (complete 180 from Enchanted lol) at first I didn't even think that it was her on the screen. So, um...."I don't take this crap from people." I loved it. This movie was claaaasic. The characters were done fantastically and I spent a lot of the time cracking up during this movie. It had a dry, quick humor to it that I wasn't expecting. Classic underdog, trying to make his town proud, just getting by to spite the world [cue the inspirational music] and best of all, it's based on real people and their real lives. It was great, simply great. I need to see this movie again, like asap.

It's icing,
Stop calling me an MTV girl....whatever that means. "Skank"
I'm Charlene;we just met, we're together, do we need to do this again? Hi, I'm Charlene.

Limitless: Okay, I was thinking this move was going to be a 10, it was probs a 6. So still awesome, but did not fulfill my expectations fully. Bradley Cooper was obviously amazing (I never get over how blue his eyes are). It was an interesting movie, made you think (not too hard though). There were some dramatic scenes, some "oh. my. gosh. Did that just seriously happen!?!" moments. A few funny lines and some some other big names. Robert De Niro, for example. Perhaps some unsettled questions, that were not clearly resolved enough for my liking, but overall, solid movie.

That'd be like Heff leaving the mansion.

If you don't know what any of these are about or want to get more info on them check out their IMDB sites :) It's a fav sight of mine for obvious reasons.


Brittany said...

i enjoyed how do you know, mostly because i really liked reese's clothes. i was confused for probably the first half hour because i couldn't figure out what was going on. loved the fighter; amazing movie. i just saw limitless and it was interesting. do you think he was telling the truth at the end or just bluffing?

Kell said...

First off, I love that we've both seen all these movies.

I was caught off guard at first by How Do You Know also, because it was not what I expected, it didn't play out the typical way at first for a rom-com.

The Fighter, I just watched the trailer I posted and the clip where Micky's family calls Amy Adams an MTV girl when they first meet her and I'm dying! I want to see it again so bad! It was SO good.

Limitless-I don't even know! Right, like I don't know about that ending. And did he kill that one blonde chick? I guess not. I have no idea.