Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm An Excellent Shot, Sir

A few years ago I started seeing these commercials for a new movie coming out, The Spirit, I couldn't figure out for the life of me what is was about from these previews and I didn't see it.
Also, I love IMDB telling me everything my favorite actors are in. Who knew AJ Cook was in Out Cold and the lead in Final Destination 2??! I didn't realize. Plus her dark, short hair in FD2 was so disguising. I've re-watched Out Cold recently-ish. I even watched Cyxork 7 because Paget Brewster was in it. That movie was.....not good, it was bad; but hey-it did get a few laughs out of me and Paget was kinda funny. Not at her best, but hey, they filmed the whole thing in 16 days. I got a list of movies to see with my favs in it. I love seeing the small parts, other roles, and appearances on TV shows they had before they became who we most know them as. [PS-did you know Tom Hanks started on TV too? True story]
Anyway, so The Spirit has Stana Katic (and she's in Quantum of Solace-who knew?) in it, as we all know, my newest celebrity idol. IMDBed it, figured out the plot, downloaded it, and watched it. So, it's interesting. Eve Mendes, Scarlett Johannson, and Samuel L. Jackson are all in this movie-so I mean, they all ROCK. I'm slightly confused.
It's odd, it's a comic book movie, The Spirit (Gabriel Macht) is a 'dead' cop, that didn't quite stay dead with Death lingering nearby and heals at alarmingly fast rates. Well he's trying to the thwart The Octopus (Samuel L. Jackson), his assistant (Scarlett Johannson) and henchmen. Toss in a commissioner as the only one who knows The Spirit's true identity, and an eager, spunky beat cop (Stana Katic), lost loves and a few girls to have a nice Love Triangle (or octagon more-like) and you've got yourself a classic comic book plot!
It's set in "Central City," kind of a cross between Chicago and NYC maybe....equivalent to Batman's Gotham. I'm not entirely sure what era it was supposed to be. I mean they had cell phones, computers and police helicopters and tricked out guns---but it was still set back in the day with how they actors behaved, the clothes they wore, the way they spoke and the cars they had and the way they lived. Plus, the whole movie is in--not black and white and not sepia--but kind of....I don't really know how to describe it. Just muted colors, but it had this cartoon aspect thrown in too.
It's a comic book movie, it wasn't going for epic drama, most realistic action/adventure, funniest comedy or cutest love story. It's not the best movie, it's quite ridiculous actually, but I sort of enjoyed it quirkiness. I'm confused how it got this sorta star-studded cast and didn't turn out better or got them all to do it. The characters are kind of weak and the plot and story wrap up pretty quickly and it wraps up the characters way too bluntly and insufficient for my taste. It just sorta ended with only one thing accomplished really. This movie was just odd and the characters were strange. Also, I didn't understand all the cats. Maybe fans of the comic book liked it more than the general public. 9th in the Box Office :/ but it fared better as a DVD. I don't even know-it was interesting, it was fun, I kind of liked it. I thought it could have been better though, much more potential then actual product. The characters could have been more dynamic and were odd but not unlikeable.

Stana Katic's character (Officer Morgenstern) was funny to me because she's a beat cop, all excited and everyone keeps making comments that she'll become a detective in no time......she's a great NYC detective in ABC's Castle coincidental. These characters are in no way similar. She can do a wide range of acting. The way she talks in this movie is priceless after watching Castle. However, there may have been one, maybe two, looks that I would deem Kate Beckett worthy :P
(And we also now know how Stana and
Louis Lombardi know each other)

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