Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Get High Sometimes, Man

For my Communications class we had to pick from a list of movies to watch, I know what you're all thinking-some lameeeee movie that we'd have to sit through to write our paper. Wrong! I watched ABSENCE OF MALICE with Sally Field and Paul Newman. It was fantastic and intense. Courtesy of IMDB: "Michael Colin Gallagher [Newman] is the son of a long dead Mafia boss who is a simple liquor warehouse owner. Frustrated in his attempt to solve a murder of a union head, a prosecutor leaks a false story that Gallagher is a target of the investigation, hoping that he will tell them something for protection. As his life begins to unravel, others are hurt by the story. Megan Carter [Field], the reporter, is in the clear under the Absence of Malice rule in slander and libel cases. Knowing nothing to trade to the prosecutors, Gallagher must regain control of his life on different ground."

"I'm free every night but Friday."
"How about Friday?"

It's a great and interesting movie that takes a hard look at the ethics in criminal investigations, reporting, and the relationships between all involved. Side note--this movie came out in 1981, and it's still awesome. Sure, no HD and no epic amazing special effects, but they aren't needed. Plus, it's freaking Sally Field and Paul Newman; it's quite dramatic and I loved it!! It's epic-go find it online [it wasn't too difficult to find] and watch. You won't be dissappointed, I sure wasn't.

I also recently watched It's Kind of a Funny Story, a drama-comedy. Craig (Keir Gilchrist) is a depressed teen who checks himself into an adult psychiatric hospital where he meets fellow patients, Bobby (Zach Galifianakus) and Noelle (the lovely, Emma Roberts). His parents are George (Jim Gaffigan--My Boys) and Lynn(Lauren Graham--Gilmore Girls [love]).

I'd just live

I enjoyed this movie, it wasn't rolling-on-the-floor laughing, there were some pretty funny parts (I mean Zach Galifianakus IS in this movie) and it was interesting and I really liked it. Sometimes we just need help and it's okay to ask for it.

LAST OF ALL: I want to wish my good friend,
Jacqueline (aka Whacko-Jacko)a VERY happy
birthday! Love you & miss you :)

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