Saturday, March 5, 2011

BYU Basketball

I have participated in a flash mob. We did this during a timeout in the student section at our basketball game today, where we won our conference championship and scored over 100 points. GO COUGARS!!!!!!!! Final 4 bound! And we are going to miss you seniors, Logan Magnsusson, Jackson Emery and JIMMER FREDDETE. Here are the vids. I TOTALLY found my self in them, watch both! It's a flashmob they taught us before the game and we just broke out when the music started. The crowd (non student) and players loved it lol They taught us for like 20 minutes. It was great.

In this one you also see us at the end crowd surf our mascot (Cosmo the Cougar) and this is where it's easiest for you to probably find me I think. At like 1:50 you see this big guy in a navy T go over to help and there is a guy in a royal blue shirt behind him in the same row, go up diagonally to the left, there is a girl in a blue hoodie and I am to the left of her. The 4 girls right there are me and my friends that camped outside the arena together with a BUNCH of people. It was glorious and SO much fun. I got like 3 hours of sleep and slept on concrete in a 2 person tent with 4 girls; and my back hurts but it was fantastic and an amazing day.

Here we are practicing before the game too.

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