Friday, February 18, 2011

You're Extremely Hot

POST SECRET had it's Valentine's Day too. (Yes, it is a tad late, sue me)

I LOVE this one (1st-front, 2nd-on back). I hate it when people negatively comment on things I love and enjoy. That's why, if the don't care about it as much as me, I usually like watching TV shows and movies when I'm at home by myself. Or when people make ignorant and arrogant comments about things happening in the world; I hate annoying comments and questions.

This one just makes me smile, how funny.....
and sad that they've not noticed at the same time.
But it's pretty clever and creative. I would
have never thought of that.

Don't you hate it when you see stuff on facebook you wish you hadn't? Like in general, not this specific-- just things in your newsfeed, links, statuses (what is the plural of status...?), pictures--that you could have, and rather had gone, all day with out seeing. Oh unrequited love, pent up anger, suppressed feelings and memories, and built up resentment. haha

Hope you had a good Valentine's Day. I did.

Rommates+Thai Food+The Bachelor & Castle on ABC+Cookies & chocolate from Home Teachers= :D

(That's me...with a smiley face...meaning I was happy...yeah)

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