Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We wish it was our birthday so we could party too!

Guys, it's been a YEAR! (Well, it will be on the 26th) I've had this blog for a whole year. Wow. So here's the thing, my URL was a LITTLE lengthy, so I've shortened it up a lot. It's now:

So, mark it down, save it, bookmark it, 'favorite' it, memorize it, whatever. Just know it's changed.

Anywho, it's my blogs birthday, it's a whopping one year old. This is a big deal. Seriously. Birthdays are kinda weird in my opinion. Speaking of which, mine is SUPER soon---oh wait, never mind it's in July. I'll be 20.....I'm sorry, what? No longer a teenager? Is that allowed? How odd. Some people completely temporarily lose their minds on their birthdays, which I've never understood. Celebrations they want dragged out all week, tradition, parties, balloons. **I still have yet to blow up a balloon from Jessica's birthday last year, {}. It's nearing a year since I've blown up a balloon.**

When you're little and you fall asleep in your cake with chocolate from hairline to chin and the parentals snap a pic and stick it in your Life Photo Album (back when it was actually up to date).

When you're in elementary and middle school and you bring cupcakes to class (all of sudden you have SO many more friends, actually I say that like I've experienced that. I haven't, my birthday is in the summer, but it's still true.) and your birthday parties are possibly themed, or you go bowling, or ice skating. I've had a few bowling (I OWN a bowling pin, scoreeee) and ice skating birthday parties. They're fun.

Then you're older and what? You hang out, go out to dinner with friends and your family. You start asking for things you actually need instead of just want. Some people have massive parties and huge celebrations and party all night long, go to clubs, etc, etc.

Then at college your roommates and friends take over. You get a cake. You get a few things, and maybe a package from your mom and dad, facebook notifications out the yin yang (from people you haven't seen since 4th grade, they are oh so very heartfelt). Texts, a few phone calls, you go out to eat (maybe the ONLY time you do that, that semester--que poor college student stigma) Maybe going bowling to a movie or a sporting event of your college/university. Again, only a witness--summer birthday remember.

Here's my thing with birthdays, I never really feel different. Do you? Do you wake up and think, "oh yeah, I DEFINITELY feel older"? I don't think they are a huge deal, or rather I wish they weren't. Most of my birthdays have been spent with boxes around me (unpacking/packing) because we're in the process of moving (recall that I am an Army Brat). So, my seasonal fortunes of nice weather are usually marred by the fact that I have zero friends. Yay me. Or a lot of people go on fam-vaca's in the summer sooo yeah, they aren't around. So, I didn't really look forward to the big 7/02 every year. I may have said I was excited, but really not so much-at the end of the day when my birthday is over I generally feel like it was just another day. On the years I've had parties it's usually a small party with a my core gang. I'm not a party-er, so that's cool. And thanks to all my friends over the years, whether I've been in the same state with them or not, for the texts, calls, gifts, cakes and things we did to celebrate. I'm not saying I don't like my birthday, I just don't go off the deep end with excitement like I see most people do. And I mean, I like making other people's birthdays exciting and fun.

Once, I had a birthday during a family reunion. 2 cakes-one was like a sheet cake but it was something, I forget. The other had a barbie IN it. Like the cake was the barbies DRESS. How sick is that? So cool. And I got a Lion King CD-Rom game. So awesome. Also, when I was littler I had a "scuba steve," I don't recall what it was actually called, but that's what it was essentially. My mom usually does the stacked cake for us, but my favorite is a layered dessert cake, so she usually makes that for me. I've been at Girls Camp on my birthday (my 12th, and I was sick and our campsite flooded and my sister, Shannon and her friend Tiffany silly stringed me, but my leader was a masseuse and I got the best massage of my life)

I think the last birthday party I had was the summer after my 7th grade year before I moved to Washington. (so that would have been Megan and Morgan---miss y'all). My birthdays these days usually consist of a few things I really wanted/needed and dinner with my family and/or friends and seeing a movie with them. And when you go out to eat on your birthday you get to wear sombrero hats or sit on horse saddles and get you picture taken, and you get free dessert and a whole restaurant singing "Happy Birthday" to you. So, score right there.

Last year, we had just moved and my cousin took me to lunch (Mexican) and that evening my Uncle and other cousin took me to DQ and we saw a movie. Then the next day the whole fam and extended got together and did the whole cake and presents bit....and we went to Outback? I think, or the day before. Eh, within a week of my birthday. So, successful day. So, as we slowly encroach on my 20th birthday what do I want? Shoot, I don't know. I have a list of movies I want on DVD and I'll go out to eat with my family [either Mexican or Thai food] and I'll get a hundred facebook notifications from friends who live nowhere near me. Hopefully, I'll get to see Wicked again when it comes to the Kennedy Center in DC this summer. I'm good with that, what else would I do? Maybe I'll look into going to an amusement park, they're always....well, amusing :P

I'm pretty low key, so low key birthdays are basically fine with me, I do wish I could have spent more with friends and had more parties-but I got to a point when my mom would ask me what I wanted to do/have a party and I just didn't. But I do wish one year my friends had thrown me a surprise birthday party (and now if I ever get one it's just because I asked, so you can't do it anymore haha jk), that would have been sweet. I've been a part of several surprise birthday parties, but I've never had one. I think my fav was Colleen's her senior year of high school-we scared the living daylights out of her. That was a funny. Well, that's it. Happy birthday blog and happy birthday to everyone this year on their birthdays (how proactive of me).

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