Sunday, February 6, 2011

Konichiwa, Mate

DESPICABLE ME. Classic animated-comedy. Funniest line, Agnes, "It's so FLUFFY, I'm gonna die!" Okay, what was up with the three little girls having old lady names? Edith, Margo, and Agnes? What was that all about it, I thought it was pretty funny. I was definitely laughing a heck of a lot more than I ever thought I would. Sometimes you just gotta watch a cartoon and let the simple humor make us laugh hysterically. Steve Carrell-always great. People getting hurt/cartoons never dying from something that would kill any real person-always funny. Weird creatures that don't speak English-always entertaining.

Gru: Your dog has been leaving bombs in my yard.
Fred McDade: Oh you know dogs... they go where they want!
Gru: Not if they're dead.

Okay, obviously I would NEVER EVERRR give up my cable TV, that would horrible. But, I do LIVE for the comics. When I still lived at home my mom (who reads the newspaper like a fiend) would save the comics for me and put them in my room everyday. I just LOVE reading the comics. Garfield, Peanuts (that's Charlie Brown), Zits, Dilbert, Beatle Bailey, all of them. I have been known to laugh out loud at them and even cut some out [I should start doing that again]. Plus the comic page is also the sudoku page, the "Ask Abby" [my dream job] page and the thought of the day page [depending on your paper, that was there in The Watertown Daily Times]. Sunday comics were the best obviously. Color and sooo many more strips. I still read the comics everyday. The Daily Universe has a Comics/Sudoku page and I read the every weekday during lunch. I greatly look forward to this time of the day every single day. It's my "me" time. And when I can get all 3 sudoku puzzles [easy, medium, hard & very hard on Friday's edition] I feel so smart. And when I can't or mess up, AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! haha When I get home over the summer my mom will start giving me all the comics everyday after she's done with them, I can't wait. Simple pleasures in life people, simple pleasures in life.

Lastly, since Friday at noon I have literally been watching/playing sports. Two tennis matches (they are like 5 hours long), 2 volleyball matches (2 hours), a basketball game (2 more hours) I played some racquetball and kept score for an intramural basketball game. HOURS y'all it's been GREAT and stressfullllllll. Tennis really is SO FREAKING intense and stressful & Aubrey is amazing at tennis, and yelling my heart out at basketball games and volleyball games (Balcony seats for one and COURT SEATS SUCKAAAS for the second one). BYU sports are the best, I wish I could just go to sports all day and never have class haha

No, I will never have enough pictures with Cosmo, I love him so dearly :]

I came out to my car after the volleyball match and found this lovely note left on Maxwell, I would say I probably know them, but then again, we are at BYU and it could have been a "random act of kindness" haha So great.

BUT wait, there's more!
My SPORTS WEEKEND doesn't end yet; tomorrow is SUPERBOWL XLV I'm excited. GO PACK! After this, I'm pretty sure my sports watching for the last 3 days will be around 20 hours ahah good weekend. It's going to be rough going back to school this week.

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