Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Just Can't Keep My Eyes Off You

Why do we stare at train wrecks (literally & figuratively)? Why can we not help ourselves? We love to watch the total and utter everything.

The loud couple fighting in public

The friends awkwardly fighting in
front of the whole group

Crowding around crime scene tape

Slowing down and "rubber-necking"
at the car crash on the highway

Facebook stalking exes even though it
might make us a little jealous

Facebook stalking (again, what has social
networks done to us) friends to find out
the things we don't talk to them about even
though we don't actually want to know and it
makes us want to die inside a little

Watching the same YouTube clip of the skater
biffing it so bad on his neck/face/*ahem*
it makes us cringe, but we keep clicking
replay over and over again anyways

Trying to get to the fight that's breaking out
in the street so we have the best view of the
2 guys pounding on each other for who knows why

Watching a real surgery or medical
[gross] phenomenon on TV that makes
us want to throw up, but we don't
change the channel (well maybe that
one can be explained by the fact
that the remote is not within an
arms length? lol)

The YouTube clip/AFV video of the girl
in high heels falling at graduation

The movie that makes us bawl like a baby
(learning to self-soothe) every time we watch
it, but we own it on DVD, BlueRay and on iTunes.

The text/email with bad news that
we read over and over again

The police chase that ends in the
car flipping about thirty times
off the highway
The sports clip of the soccer
players leg snapping in half we
watch so many times our leg starts
to physically hurt

We stare, we judge, we snoop, we double-take, we openly gawk, we snicker, we laugh, we gape, we peak through hands over our eyes, we point, we tell others.

What is wrong with us?

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