Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Female Powerhouses of Acting

I've been extremely busy this week and
last week and next week...basically all
semester, but I feel like I should blog--
it's been a while.

As you all are fully aware, I hold my TV shows very near and dear to me heart. They're my times to escape, to relax, to be entertained, I find some excellent tunes on a regular basis, and I get to see my favorite characters in action.

You know when you're younger and your teacher asks you who you look up too/your role model, etc? You say like some famous athlete, firemen/police officers or your parents (which, I mean, mine totally are, and my older sister, Shannon too, for sure; they just aren't my only ones). Well mine, I have decided are a few select actresses & their characters on my favorite TV shows. They are just so fantastic and make their shows, characters, emotions real on the screen. I'm obsessed, I'm a fanatic, and I am perfectly okay with it.

Emily Deschanel--Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan [BONES]

Stana Katic--Detective Kate Beckett [CASTLE]

AJ Cook--FBI Special Agent Jenifer "JJ" Jareau [CRIMINAL MINDS]

Paget Brewster--FBI Special Agent Emily Prentiss [CRIMINAL MINDS]

Sasha Alexander--Dr. Maura Isles/(previously)NCIS Agent Caitlin "Kate" Todd [RIZZOLI & ISLES/NCIS]

Anggie Harmon--Detective Jane Rizzoli [RIZZOLI & ISLES]

Do you notice anything? They're all bad ass crime fighters? Heck. Freaking. Yes. (Being a cop is my Plan B if this whole writer/getting married here at BYU falls through...seriously, I was just on the NYPD Recruitment/Police Academy site on Monday) These are the celebs I adore. (Plus, Kelly Clarkson and T-Swift, I mean really.. .and some other music stars, but there will be another post I'm sure).

They are just so freaking amazing. Yes, I am fully aware they are fictional characters and they aren't real (although Bones is based on a real life person, so *bam*); but what does it matter?They're all determined to find the truth. They're all confident in their jobs and ability to solve the case, even if they may be less so confident in their personal lives. They're all a little jaded and have a past (mostly traumatic) that they overcome to be the best at their job. They're all funny. They all could take down any guy and totally own him (and they all have...well maybe not Dr. Isles--but she could). They're all SO beautiful. They all have risen to the top in their fields in a "mans world." They're so dynamic and real. They're all so persistent and humble (well Bones struggles with that, maybe). They're who I want to be. I mean who in their right mind wouldn't use them for a good role model?

Then the actual-real life people. They are all HILARIOUS. They aren't in the tabloid magazines every other week for drama/drugs/DUIs/etc. They aren't breaking up with boyfriends/husbands every 5 seconds, they aren't pushing their political views on their fans, they aren't "too cool for school." They're just...people, legitimate and aware of the world around them. They have GREAT co-stars (and pretty attractive guy opposites characters ;) too; David Boreanza, Nathan Fillion, Mark Harmon, David Weatherly, Shemar Moore anyone?)

Emily Deschanel in my FAVORITE and such an amazing actress and super not hollywood and is super funny. She's really smart and looks amazing, even in her forensic jumpsuit, lets be real. She is my favorite actress ever, in my favorite show ever. She is just great. I have seen every episode of Bones mulitiple times because she never, ever gets old; and is entertaining all day long, I would know, I became hooked on Bones with an all day marathon my junior year of high school on New Years Day.

Stana Katic, a new name to my list and current obsession--Castle just became one of my new shows-I'm hooked and just watched it from pilot episode to current episode. Stana is a great actress-her facial expressions when she's acting are the best I've ever seen; I re-watch scenes over and over and am amazed at how good she is. And she's like a freaking genius. She can speak 6 languages and one of her hobbies is astrophysics-her hobby. I wonder if her and AJ Cook knew/know each other, they're both from Ontario...

AJ Cook, I love her and miss her so dearly in Criminal Minds. She's LDS (score for us). She's awesome and one of the best actresses I have seen to render emotions in the audience, and her facial expressions are fantastic too. She's so totally real and really is down to earth and stays out of the lime-light. Even back in the day in movies like Out Cold. Plus, all 3 of these actresses can sing super well. She is so simple and so intense at her job and so classy. I bawled like a baby when she left CM and I'm still not over it and the show has certainly suffered without her.

Paget Brewster is by far the funniest actress, EVER. Maybe not as classy as the others, but her interviews make laugh so hard, but then she is so serious when her characters call for it. Plus, her name is Paget-so sweet. And she never gave up on acting when it was practically begging for her to quit. I'm going to be devastated when she leaves CM too. She's crazy and fearless and fun.

Sasha Alexander, she's just so genuine and so are her charcters. I bawled like baby when she was killed in NCIS and was delighted when Rizzoli & Isles came out with her as a main character, she SO deserves this. I love watching her on the screen, she's just really put together and classy.

Angie Harmon, classic tomboy, don't-take-crap girl in Rizzoli & Isles and was on the original Law & Order (speaking of which--SVU: Mariska Hargitay, she's pretty dang legit too). Anyway, she's just BA and and a no nonsense person and just straight up, she is who she is.

I really could go on and on and on.....and on about how much I love these actress and their characters. I can not get enough of them. I wish I was as BA and confident as them. I wish I could run around in heels with a gun, kicking down doors saving the day. It would be sick. haha I would put in some quotes by their characters, but 1-if you don't watch the show, you wouldn't get it. 2-I wouldn't be able to choose and would have like a MILLION. They are all fantastic actress with great writers for their shows and makes you care, makes you cry, makes you feel what they're feeling, makes you want to change the world, makes you NEED to tune in every week; and that is great TV. I follow them all on Twitter (if they have one/I've searched for it) and if I ever got to go to LA, I admit it, I would stalk all of them down, it's very true. Because if I could ever meet any of them and get a picture with then and their autograph I would practically die with joy. It would be amazing. Looking up to all of them for years, their shows saving me from life when it gets to overwhelming and getting to meet them would be amazing. Gotta love them, they're amazing, simply. amazing. and I could talk about them all day. I can't wait for the new episodes every week and can't wait for new seasons and new character development.

I mean...I have ringtones for my
cell from Castle and Bones...

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