Saturday, January 22, 2011

The rumors of my promiscuity have been greatly exaggerated.

Okay, sorry, I haven't been blogging about all my movie escapades. Saw Charlie St. Cloud (yeah it made me cry a little and had totally different aspects then I thought it would, it was good). What else? I don't know, oh Love & Other Drugs. Interesting, funny, didn't like it as much as I thought I was.

Anyway, my subject today, however, is EASY A.

Okay now, this movie is FAN-tas-ic. Emma Stone (Olive) is amazing in it, not to mention reminds me 100 billion% of my best friend Amelia (shout out!) back from when we lived in Washington state. Who doesn't love Emma Stone? House Bunny=awesome, and I'll be sure to be looking for her in upcoming movies. Easy A is smart and funny and totally different. Emma Stone's and everyone's dialogue for that matter, is some of the best I've heard lately; it is funny and quick and real. Her rapport she has with all the cast members was so great, especially her parents and younger brother, it's hilarious.
I just fell in love with this movie soon after I started watching it. It's extrememly funny and I reccommend it highly. Plus if you a fan of Amanda Bynes (who isn't really? She's the Man, What I Like About You, to name only 2 great things) she's the crazy antagonist, I always love to see an actresses who plays the "teen crazy" so well and then get to go all out. We have Dan Byrd (Trav, in Cougar Town) who did great, he's funny. Lis Kudrow! I didn't know she was in it until she popped up on-screen! And a great slew of other people! Including a Disney Channel star, Aly Michalka.
Ah, I might have to watch this movie AGAIN. Like as soon as I'm done writing this. It's different than any other "teen drama-high school is hard" movie. I love, love, love it.

Marianne: There's a higher power that will judge you for your indecency.

Rosemary: I had a similar situation when I was your age. I had a horrible reputation.
Olive Penderghast: Why?
Rosemary: Because I slept with a whole bunch of people. Mostly guys.
Olive Penderghast: Mom!

Mrs. Griffith: I'm the guidance counselor; I should know all the students, especially the ones that dress like prostitutes.



Brittany said...

i just watched this for the first time yesterday and i loved it! definitely because of the smart dialogue and emma's hilariousness. i will probably have to go buy it because i know i'll want to watch it again and again

Kell said...

Yes, it's deff on my DVD to buy list now.