Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I judge people by the team they support

Today was my first day of classes if the new semester.
What? Why is my break between Fall and Winter only 2 weeks? It's going to be a long, busy semester. I'm already swamped with things I needed/need to do; and sadly once I get these things done I'll be hounded by schoolwork. There's always something needing urgent attention. Hopefully, I'll line up some fun things-intramural soccer & wallyball, going to Aubrey's Tennis matches with Kirstin and gang, going to basketball games...maybe some good movies.

On a different note, some Post Secrets over the past few weeks, check 'em out:

I used to work at a Hampton Inn (which is how I know this comment card came from one). I was a houskeeeper, I know, it wasn't actually that bad. It could have been worse lol. But we would totally do that if they gave crappy comments on us, but turn them in if they gave negative comments about the front desk or management hehehe

hahaha this one is just funny. I love getting my haircut and they do always ask you for your whole life story.

I wish Santa Claus was real, that would be the sickest thing everrrr.

Sometimes you just need to be there, physically just be there, and that's enough.

My favorite one on this blog post! lol I totally do that, in a fun-competitive-rival-way, not like a you-are-worthless-and-I-hate-you-way. I mean, it is sport-so it gets pretty intense and heated sometimes. If you are a Cowboys fan, we can't be friends, it's just principle. Also, you Bengals, Raiders, Jets, Eagles and Saints-gotta get outta here. And with play-offs looming and and Suerbowl XLV upcoming (Feb. 6th!!!) We all shall be judging even more harshly. Can't wait to see whose going to be there. We all know my #1 team won't be; curse you Redskins. But wait! My Seahawks managed to get into the playoffssss! Maybe they can pull this out haha. Can't wait for the Superbowl and Superbowl parties! I love football. Once we find out whose playing, I'll let you know who I'm routing for.

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