Friday, December 3, 2010

Lets Steal Pineapples When You Get Back

These Post Secrets are from the past 2 weeks. They are my top 4, I really quite like them.

Gag. Me.
So precious.
I want this.

Who doesn't love "night games" when you were young...who am I kidding? I'm up for a game of Man-Hunt, Capture the Flag, or Kick-the-Can right now. I do miss nighttime adventure and shenanigans with my friends back all through middle school and high school; wreaking havoc, running from cops on the occasion (don't worry, we were only 'ding dong ditching' houses...usually. Nothing awful lol), climbing up water-towers, playing games, messing with our friends, jumping on trampolines, riding our motorized scooters through the night and fog, ordering pizza from Dominos at midnight, swinging at the park. Great times, great times in North Carolina, Washington, Pennsylvania and New York. Man, those were the days. Miss that. I think I grew up way to fast.


This just makes me laugh. I'd go steal pineapples with them, okay, maybe not....well maybe.

"It doesn't really rain that much. We just say it people will stop moving here."

Washington is my favorite. I love the moderate weather, the rain (because okay, yes, it does rain but really not that much! And not that hard..*ahem* I mean, yes it pours everyday-never come here...), the mountains, Mt. Rainier is my favorite, the trees. I just love it. I've been lucky enough to live there twice. And they have been the best years, had some really fun times and the greatest group of friends. So many fun adventures and so many fond memories. (Shout out to the B.M. and Lakes Lancers) I can't wait to go back someday! I just want a reunion with my friends and have a relive memories!! Ah, I love it there.

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