Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's burning my eyes!

Katherine Heigl (love) and Josh Duhamel, hate each other. Okay, their characters in their newest movie, Life As We Know It, hate each other, but because of their mutual best friends are forced to spend a lot of time, holidays, birthdays, etc. together. When their best friends are in a fatal car accident they are surprisingly named guardians of the orphaned daughter of their friends, Sophie. This move was so good. Granted, it's a romantic comedy (and a bit of drama thrown around) so obviously we all know what happens; but it had a MUCH different plot and story line I have never seen for a movie like this. Holly (Heigl) and 'Messer' (Duhamel) move into their dead best friends house to raise their daughter trying to live their own lives, raise a child together they do not know how to, pass Child Protective Services checks, date, dodge crazy & nosy neighbors, and not kill each other. It was funny, it was heartbreaking (I nearly cried), it was heartwarming (again, nearly cried-for anyone who knows me, we know that is such a rarity).
Familiar faces too, just to name a few> Melissa McCarthy (Gilmore Girls), Josh Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama) and Steve Nash (it's Steve Nash, I mean he's a pro NBAer [don't worry, he does no acting, just ball playing]). Now, I really really enjoyed this movie-as I do with all Katherine Heigl movies (Killers, The Ugly Truth), as long as she continues to make movies I like it lessens the pain of her abandoning us in Grey's Anatomy (it doesn't make it ok, it just makes it more bearable). She is so funny and gorgeous and Josh Duhamel is so hott, lets be real.
I love their charcters. Holly is classy and smart and Messer is carefree (until. because of Sophie he's an insta-dad) and fun. There are so many funny parts and lines. It's a great story-so different than any we've seen before, while still keeping the classic romantic comedy cliches we so dearly love and crave. Love it. I want to see it again. Dollar theatre please! Go see it, really it's an all around, hits all the types of genres and craziness of real life. It's not the movie of the year, it's not a thought provoking, life changing movie. Take it for what it is supposed to be, entertaining and just go with the flow. Plus, the baby is pretty precious.

Babysitter: "I think you guys make a really cute couple..."

Holly: "She said the same thing about Taylor Swift and that twilight kid."

Speaking of Taylor Swift, her new

album, Speak Now (with bonus

tracks from Target) has been playing

basically 24/7 since I got it earlier this

weak. It is SOO FANTASTIC. T-Swift love.

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