Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fly Like An Eagle

I LOVE to fly.

It’s the holiday season and I know a lot of people are going to be and are traveling-including me.

A lot people are up in arms about the full-body scanners and the super invasive searches of your person. Now, obviously I don’t want some gross TSA worker’s hands all over me, so I’m not ever going to object of going through the full-body scanners. Secondly, okay their full body scanners, wish that wasn’t the way it had to be. Follow all the TSA rules and make it through the metal detectors properly and your chances of having to go through the full-body scan drop dramatically. I don’t care though if it keeps some psycho terrorist off my plane, rather any plane for that matter, and prevents it from slamming into any other buildings with people I know inside of them.

Controversies aside-I genuinely love just about everything about flying (especially when I don’t have to check any baggage). First off, I feel so legit strolling around with my backpack and little rolling suitcase getting around the airport (I’ve managed to never get lost, or miss a flight, in an airport and I have been to a lot. SLC, Cincinnati, Washington, DC, Dallas, Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, Atlanta, Syracuse, Sea-Tac, Baltimore, Ramstien in Germany, and some more, I don’t know all the ones I’ve been too).

I like waiting at the terminal watching the TV or on my laptop drinking my favorite drinks from Starbucks and eating dinner during a layover. I like walking on the moving sidewalks (The first time I walked on one, when I stepped off-the dramatic speed change in my walking speed caused to almost trip and fall flat on my face, almost).

I love, love, love having a window seat, except when I have to pee mid-flight and have to climb awkwardly over people I do not know. Because when I have a window seat I get to look out the window! Watching the plane take-off and land is SO awesome. I just do not understand how we get these planes in flight and how we land them. So crazy. Like, really, it’s amazing. I love it, I love the feeling. It’s almost as good as a roller coaster. Everything all slowly getting smaller, cars smaller than hot wheels, the lights in little trails that lead off to the edge of the cities, the mountains look so cool (especially when there is snow on them) and then when you get above the clouds and the sky is bluer than you’ve ever seen it on the ground and the sun is brilliant. I love the flight attendants who bring me drinks and peanuts and sometimes plane-shaped crackers. Flying is simply the best. Sometimes getting on the plane is stressful, but once seated, it’s like so peaceful. It’s just pretty fun.

Flying across the Atlantic to Germany was THEEE longest flight of my life 3 years ago. But it was awesome-movies and plane food isn't that bad haha. Flying, it's just kind of classy. Even though I've never flown 1st class, I sure want to though! lol And I think it would be pretty awesome to learn to fly small planes, how sick would that be?

I love taking-off and landing, and I will never get tired of looking out the window.

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