Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A word to the wise ain't necessary - it's the stupid ones that need the advice


The Family: A Proclamation to the World

It's only the first week of October and I am SO looking forward to Thanksgiving. It'll be the first (and last time any of us kids come home from college for Thanksgiving). And it took me and my older sister like a month and a half of convincing my parents, and I have to pay for half my plane ticket. Why must BYU be so far away from my family? Tickets cost like $500...well cheap ones. So, that's another blow to my bank account. But, it's worth it!! I'm so excited to see my family. After we moved to VA this summer I basically hung out with them all day every day. My parents, my siblings, my cousins and Aunts and Uncles. I got on a lot better terms with some of my family members, and I got know some a lot better. I really realized a lot more the importance of family and how much I truly love all of them even if we don't always get along or see eye-to-eye. Family will always be there, no matter what, they will always be your family. They will always be there for you, so we all need to work a little (or a lot) better at creating good, strong and close bonds with our family. "It is within our families that we learn unconditional love, which can come to us and draw us very close to God's love. It is within families that values are taught and character is built. Father and mother are callings from which we will never be released, and there is no more important stewardship than the responsibility we have for God's spirit children who come into our families" -M. Russel Ballard. And exciting stuff s happening this Thanksgiving for my family! So, I have to be there. Plus, the newest Harry Potter movie comes out in November and I am waiting to see it back in Virginia. Please hurry up October!!

Back in NY, where I used to live & graduated from high school, it was homecoming this past weekend and senior nights are this week for a lot of the fall sports (aka my soccer team) and I've been missing NY-high school, bowling, soccer, frisbee, lacrosse, friends. And I realized when my roommates and I were talking about our high schools with each other the other day that I will probably never lay eyes on the high school I graduated from (or any of the high schools I went to for that matter), sad day. It kind of bummed me out. I really want to make a trip up to NY this summer, but it's really far away and I'll have a job, and I've been gone for so long now. Speaking of homecoming, don't worry high school bros, it never ends. It's homecoming week here at BYU. And if you take all the HC activities and dances you have in high school, multiply it by 10, you got how much goes on at a college.

Which, lets be real, nothing ever really ends. You'll always be learning new things, you'll always be meeting people and friends, you'll always be happy about something, you'll always be annoyed/angry at something, there will always be something causing you stress and pain (there's always something), you'll always be gaining and you'll always be losing. There will always be politics, there will always be cliques, there will always be fights, goodbyes and there will always be reconciliations and great memories being made. And don't worry, there will forever and always be d.r.a.m.a.

hmm, I don't really know what this was all about-just some thoughts.


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