Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Can Finally Breathe, Suddenly Alive

Sometimes I still think like, "What, I'm in college?"
And "I have an apartment & I live with my friends
and my family lives across the country." I have
married friends and friends with kids. I plan
vacations that I used to only go on with my family
I'm living like a real adult life.
What is this?

Anyway, Post Secret this week, I have some favs but not a lot to really say about them.


Just 2 things. Don't cheat on people, seriously? What is your problem? Glad I've never had to deal with that. Secondly, if you're cheating and I know, I will tell them. That's just crap.

Can someone please take the time to figure this out? I want to know what it sayssss.

And it's cool.

-Also, I've had a headache for 4 days now. Suckfest.
-I feel like October is going to be the longest month ever (but that's what I said about September too and look where it's gone).
-This weekend is General Conference weekend, and it's good and I've seen a lot of my family because of it, excellent.
-I don't want to go to class; but what else is new?
-I really don't want to be sick anymore.
-I'm buying a megaphone.

My favorite songs right now are
Breathe, Naive Orleans, Inevitable~Anberlin
Just the Way You Are~Bruno Mars
Ridin' Solo~Jason Derulo
Love the Way You Lie ~Eminem & Rhianna
If I Die Young~The Band Perry

I just love to sing in my car. It's just....simple and good.

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