Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh, Fredrick, I miss you

Back in 2004 my Dad got back from one of his deployments and needed his truck back that my brother had been driving. My Dad, Mom and brother left one day and returned with a 2002 little black Ford Focus. My brother drove that car for 3 years and when he left on his mission before my junior year of high school I got the keys to that little car. I named him Fredrick. I've ridden and driven him around for over 6 years. That's longer than...2 times longer, than I have lived in one place. I've drove that car EVERYwhere; to school, seminary, church, soccer and lacrosse practices, the movies, friends houses, games, across the country twice (to and from school), to Boise and to Las Vegas. I've had some GREAT times, rocking out to my music, going places with friends. I've had some heartfelt conversation in that car. I've gotten pulled over a time or two (that car was pretty fast). I've traveled through blinding snowstorms and been rear-ended by what felt like a brick wall slamming into that back of my car. I've had some meltdowns of epic proportions when life has gotten to overwhelming and all you can do is cry.
This summer my Dad took Fredrick to commute to the Pentagon with. He's old now, he's got 150,000+ miles on him and went to the shop more than once this summer. The radio doesn't work right when it's really hot and it kicks when it shifts gears sometimes. We weren't sure if he would make it back across the mountains to UT. So, we bought a red 2008 Suzuki SX4. I named him Maxwell when I got back to Provo. But I won't lie-I cried the day we bought that car and it became reality that I was going to have to leave Fredrick behind. It was just another thing this summer that was hard. I feel bad about it; I love that car and it was a huge part of my life and I miss him. I feel like I shouldn't be this emotionally attached to a car! But, I am.
Maxwell is a good car, I'm growing fonder of him; and I haven't even had him a month and I've already driven him across the country and had a few meltdowns. Life always seems to bring me to my knees while I'm driving. So, this summer was the end of an era for me and the beginning of a new one. You never forget your first kiss, your first love, and I'm pretty sure no one ever forgets their first car.

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Jess said...

I know how you feel! I miss my Francis. There is definatly something unique about the bond you form with your first car.