Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just Idle on Over

You know what I do love about people...okay well really it's why I like certain groups of people. Have you ever gone running? Or boating? Or camping? I have done all of these and the people who do them are just...nice.

Like when you're out running and another runner goes by you and you acknowledge each other; a head nod, a smile, a little wave maybe. You both are out there, pounding the pavement and working yourself and you both, I don't know, respect that fact about each other and want the other to reach their goal, whatever it is.

Have you ever gone camping with your family or a group of friends? When you're setting up your tent and campsite and people walk or bike by--they wave. All the time, wave and smile. And with camping, maybe even chat a little while. You're out in the woods for a good time, so everyone is generally in a good mood and just friendlier.

When you are on the water, everyone waves as they go boating by (or on a jet ski or waver runner). You wave, they wave, everyone waves. Because you are out on the lake with friends and family, having fun in the sun and there is no reason not to wave to the others having a good time. We're all like "hey, look at you, look at me; we're having a blast. I hope your day is awesomely fun."
My family's boat, looove it

Has anyone else noticed this? The people out running or camping or boating don't ignore people. They, we all like to acknowlede the others having fun and working hard. I love it, I love it most when I'm camping and boating and everyone waves at me and I wave at everyone. It's just simple and fun. Life is just a little bit slower and calmer in the times you are running and camping and boating. Life is more fun and more carefree during those times. They are all ways to escape the pressures of life. And I LOVE camping and boating. I do go running, and it's alright once I'm doing it; but lets be real, I don't enjoy it haha

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