Sunday, September 19, 2010

Go After Your Problems. You'll Feel Better.

Post Secret time! This week was quite excellent actually. There were a lot of good ones-sad, depressing, deep, funny, and some that just put a smile on you face.

This one just makes me laugh and for some reason I envision my cousin, an elementary school teacher, saying this whenever I read it. No idea why. haha

These two are the same one, it flips over. This one is just so precious and sad. I can't get over it. Promises are important and some people out there, the really good ones, always keep their promises.

This one I feel is important for everyone, especially those with possibly abusive homes or alcoholic parents, etc, etc. It's often a viscous and heartbreaking cycle. But you can end it. You can stand up and change and end it. I've seen people stand up against their cycle and I've seen people continue it. But it's up to them, they do have the power to end the cycle.

If you know me, you know that I could have written this. Easy. I could have probably said I had and no one would doubt me for a second. I sure have thought this many, many times before and still do. There's nothing really to say about it, or rather anything that I want to right now. Except perhaps this. Make sure you appreciate your friends and all they've done and make sure you show them.

So, to all my friends, thanks again for everything you have ever done for me :) You probably don't realize how much of an impact what you've done has had on me.

I'll make sure I keep showing you I appreciate you.


Cristen said...

The teacher/sick kid ones is SO true! Unfortunately the ones you want to get sick and stay home have incredible immune systems.

Kell said...

bahaha! That's so funny, Cristen