Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It Makes Me Laugh So Hard

I realize it's the middle of the week, sorry it took so long for me to get around to Post Secret.
My top 4 favs this week:

hehehe this is pretty dang funny. Now, yes, it's funnier to me because I'm a Republican. But lets get real, it would be funny no matter what political party it was baha!!

Okay, I'm pretty sure we've all felt this once, or twice.....or a million times in our lives. We do or don't do, we say or don't say something we really should have. And we just know it was a huge mistake, but there's nothing to do. All there is to do is jut sit there in disbelief and and so mad at ourselves and wonder what the f* have I done?

There are always a lot of secrets about scars/self inflicting pain. It's a huge problem, but we need to be accepting, we need to help them.

"Pick up the phone, here's your sign"
That's what's on the other side of this postcard.

You just got to reach out and talk things out and then let them go.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Y (no, not the YMCA)

For those of you who aren't familiar with Brigham Young University (BYU), we have a large collegiate symbol (I believe it's 380 feet high and 130 feet wide), a concrete 'Y' on the side of "Y Mountain" on the Wasatch mountain range. Creative, eh? The trail to the Y is one of most hiked trails in Utah Valley and there is a great view at the top. There are several traditions with the Y, such as lighting it during homecoming week, or 'kissing the Y' when you hike to the top of it. I've hiked the Y three times myself. Once was during Homecoming Week to light it, once with a friend and once by myself. The Y is kind of important to us.

I am a pre-communications major and writing articles is something I've been doing a lot lately, and I've been practicing. Also, interviewing. I've been learning how to interview people and take notes and turn that into a story. Walking up to strangers isn't the thing that is hard for me, I'm okay with meeting new people, but walking up to them to interview them is a different story. It puts me out of my comfort zone, so I've been practicing to get more comfortable with it. So, on my last excursion to the Y I brought a pen and paper and decided I'd get some practice and write about something that every BYU student knows about and how they feel about it. I care about the Y, and it means something to me and I wanted to know how others felt about it. (And I got some good pictures when I hiked up there this time.)

Bethanie Newby, a BYU alumnus from Orem, sits on top of the Y, squinting in the bright, afternoon sun out across the valley, water bottle in hand. Newby has hiked the Y an astonishing 64 times. She hikes the Y for a unique reason; Newby is a breast cancer survivor and has been hiking the Y six times a week for 11 weeks.

“I’m tired of feeling old, I want to get strong again,” Newby said.

Like Newby, the Y on the side of the mountain east of BYU’s campus means much more to students and alumni than just a symbol of the university they attend, it represents them and their goals.

When asked what she feels when she’s at the top, looking over the valley, the city, the many church buildings and the temples, Newby says gratitude. That sense of accomplishment, that only she can make herself strong again; that she beat cancer and will not let anything else take away from her life. She says the Y represents goals to be reached and goals already met.

Hikers climb up to the Y with friends, family, or solo. The view encompasses BYU’s campus, the city of Provo, several Latter-day Saint temples, and Utah Lake. Students, past and present, hike to the school’s symbol for many reasons, many of them personal and even spiritual. To them, it’s not just a whitewashed, stone letter on a hill.

Marie Clarke, a 19-year-old sophomore from Sandy, majoring in marketing has hiked the Y four times. She said it’s a family tradition and a fun activity her family has to spend time with each other.

“The trail isn’t that pretty, it’s hard work, but it’s so rewarding at the top,” Clarke said.

Clarke said that when she looks at the Y it’s not just school pride she feels, it’s an ownership of the Y and everyone and everything it stands for.

Sara Fisher, 21, a sophomore from Spokane, Wash., and a biology major cannot count the number of times she’s sat atop the Y. She said she loves hiking the Y and the feelings of solitude and peace she gets.

“It’s a good place to go to read the scriptures and marvel at God’s creations,” Fisher said.

She says it’s very self-satisfying, to sweat up the hill and to make it to the top knowing it would have been easier to simply turn back. To her, the Y means achieving goals and self-determination.

BYU freshman Cree Farnes, an 18-year-old from San Diego, Calif., majoring in civil engineering uses the Y trail as a good workout and says getting to the top feels great, like he can do anything in this life.

He says the Y represents BYU, but also a little more. “It’s like a beacon on the mountain, I always know where I am when I can see it, I can never get lost.”

After catching her breath and turning away from the breathtaking view one has at the Y’s summit, Newby stands up to head back down to the base. “You know what this Y means? It means only you can make yourself strong...the regular hikers they motivate you and they help you, but it’s on you.”

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Go After Your Problems. You'll Feel Better.

Post Secret time! This week was quite excellent actually. There were a lot of good ones-sad, depressing, deep, funny, and some that just put a smile on you face.

This one just makes me laugh and for some reason I envision my cousin, an elementary school teacher, saying this whenever I read it. No idea why. haha

These two are the same one, it flips over. This one is just so precious and sad. I can't get over it. Promises are important and some people out there, the really good ones, always keep their promises.

This one I feel is important for everyone, especially those with possibly abusive homes or alcoholic parents, etc, etc. It's often a viscous and heartbreaking cycle. But you can end it. You can stand up and change and end it. I've seen people stand up against their cycle and I've seen people continue it. But it's up to them, they do have the power to end the cycle.

If you know me, you know that I could have written this. Easy. I could have probably said I had and no one would doubt me for a second. I sure have thought this many, many times before and still do. There's nothing really to say about it, or rather anything that I want to right now. Except perhaps this. Make sure you appreciate your friends and all they've done and make sure you show them.

So, to all my friends, thanks again for everything you have ever done for me :) You probably don't realize how much of an impact what you've done has had on me.

I'll make sure I keep showing you I appreciate you.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Disney Movies. They are just the best aren't they? What's your favorite? I mean the classics, not some of the SUPER lame ones they have come out with; Robin Hood, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Fox & the Hound, 101 Dalmatians, The Great Mouse Detective, The Rescuers, Aladdin, Mulan, Cinderella, Oliver & Company (oo I really want to watch that one now), The Aristocats, etc. Those are all some favorites, but my ABSOLUTE favorite Disney movie is The Lion King. It's just the best. I have all 3 Lion Kings on VHS and I used to have a CD-Rom game of it too. BEST. game ever. (Also, I like the Nazi Hyenas in it haha) I want to see it in Theatre, it'd be soo cool. Also, my second favorite is probably Balto. Love it. I mean Balto is pretty legit. I just watched it online actually haha
Why are Disney movies so good? Well, first off, practically all of them are like musicals. We can always get some good tune-age out of them haha. And they are just fun, generally on the shorter side, and we grew up on them and even now, as adults [ish :)] we still sometimes get a craving for some Disney classics. We have like 100, at least, Disney Classics, most on VHS, and we still got a working VCR. This summer I watched Robin Hood, Beauty & the Beast, Lion King..I think I watched one more too.....but I can't remember. Shoot! Which one was it?? Oh, well. Disney movies are sweet, I still love them. That's all really.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just Idle on Over

You know what I do love about people...okay well really it's why I like certain groups of people. Have you ever gone running? Or boating? Or camping? I have done all of these and the people who do them are just...nice.

Like when you're out running and another runner goes by you and you acknowledge each other; a head nod, a smile, a little wave maybe. You both are out there, pounding the pavement and working yourself and you both, I don't know, respect that fact about each other and want the other to reach their goal, whatever it is.

Have you ever gone camping with your family or a group of friends? When you're setting up your tent and campsite and people walk or bike by--they wave. All the time, wave and smile. And with camping, maybe even chat a little while. You're out in the woods for a good time, so everyone is generally in a good mood and just friendlier.

When you are on the water, everyone waves as they go boating by (or on a jet ski or waver runner). You wave, they wave, everyone waves. Because you are out on the lake with friends and family, having fun in the sun and there is no reason not to wave to the others having a good time. We're all like "hey, look at you, look at me; we're having a blast. I hope your day is awesomely fun."
My family's boat, looove it

Has anyone else noticed this? The people out running or camping or boating don't ignore people. They, we all like to acknowlede the others having fun and working hard. I love it, I love it most when I'm camping and boating and everyone waves at me and I wave at everyone. It's just simple and fun. Life is just a little bit slower and calmer in the times you are running and camping and boating. Life is more fun and more carefree during those times. They are all ways to escape the pressures of life. And I LOVE camping and boating. I do go running, and it's alright once I'm doing it; but lets be real, I don't enjoy it haha

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh, Fredrick, I miss you

Back in 2004 my Dad got back from one of his deployments and needed his truck back that my brother had been driving. My Dad, Mom and brother left one day and returned with a 2002 little black Ford Focus. My brother drove that car for 3 years and when he left on his mission before my junior year of high school I got the keys to that little car. I named him Fredrick. I've ridden and driven him around for over 6 years. That's longer than...2 times longer, than I have lived in one place. I've drove that car EVERYwhere; to school, seminary, church, soccer and lacrosse practices, the movies, friends houses, games, across the country twice (to and from school), to Boise and to Las Vegas. I've had some GREAT times, rocking out to my music, going places with friends. I've had some heartfelt conversation in that car. I've gotten pulled over a time or two (that car was pretty fast). I've traveled through blinding snowstorms and been rear-ended by what felt like a brick wall slamming into that back of my car. I've had some meltdowns of epic proportions when life has gotten to overwhelming and all you can do is cry.
This summer my Dad took Fredrick to commute to the Pentagon with. He's old now, he's got 150,000+ miles on him and went to the shop more than once this summer. The radio doesn't work right when it's really hot and it kicks when it shifts gears sometimes. We weren't sure if he would make it back across the mountains to UT. So, we bought a red 2008 Suzuki SX4. I named him Maxwell when I got back to Provo. But I won't lie-I cried the day we bought that car and it became reality that I was going to have to leave Fredrick behind. It was just another thing this summer that was hard. I feel bad about it; I love that car and it was a huge part of my life and I miss him. I feel like I shouldn't be this emotionally attached to a car! But, I am.
Maxwell is a good car, I'm growing fonder of him; and I haven't even had him a month and I've already driven him across the country and had a few meltdowns. Life always seems to bring me to my knees while I'm driving. So, this summer was the end of an era for me and the beginning of a new one. You never forget your first kiss, your first love, and I'm pretty sure no one ever forgets their first car.