Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh my God! He's friends with Morgan Freeman!

Okay 3 things;
1-All last week I was at my Uncle's Lake House in Southern VA for a family reunion having a BLAST tubing, skiing and riding the wave runner. Also, jumping off party decks and lighting fireworks (fireworks went off with out a hitch, JK we had a slight malfunction on the biggest firework we had and we took heavy fire and had to bail out through the smoke and exploding balls of fire all around us! haha no one was seriously injured though) I, well we all, returned a little worse for wear, but happy. We're all a little sunburned, a little sore, a little tired. A few of us (meaning me) came back with a headache and a tid bit of whiplash (my Dad and Uncle are out of control in pulling us in the tubes and we do "tube wars" and they truly are fights to the finish, bumping tubes, trying to flip each other and jumping back and forth from each other's tubes). I also came back with a little less blood than I started the week. A skiing incident with me and my cousin both skiing behind the boat at the same time=only time for one skier to get behind the boat and in the wake before we hit another boat's choppy wake. I made it over the first few wakes before biting it. Heather and I though are pretty pro at double skiing, even when she pushes me to get herself up we manage to get up just fine. The wave runner is AMAZING. 56 mph twice. Huge air. Exhilaration.

2-My favorite Post Secret this week:
I'm so connected to the military so that's why this one first caught my eye; but I love that some stranger is proud enough of our troops that by just a picture of their face that they stumbled upon that they hope and pray they and all our troops are alive and well.

3-DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS. My Uncle Steven, Heather and I went and saw this movie last night. It was obviously stupid, but let's be real here, not as stupid as I thought. And it was just as hilarious as I thought, so so funny....SO fuuny. So quotable. So funny. Such funny, weird characters. It had more of story line and more well-rounded characters than I thought it was going to have and I like it a lot. My Uncle was busting out, he loved it. Heather didn't want to go see it and she thought it was hilarious too. It was a fun, easy movie and I'm a fan. Steve Carrell is always funny and Zach Galifianakis always plays a character I hate but makes me laugh so hard at the same time. Paul Rudd and Stephanie Szostak were funny and excellent.
"My girlfriend is not a hooker."
" She tried to give me a BJ."
"If she didn't ask for money then she's not a hooker!"

Okay, I lied, only in accident though, I have 4 things.
4-I'm packing and leaving Tuesday to head back to BYU for my sophomore year, where I've changed my mind on majors again. Now, it is Communications with an emphasis in Print Journalism. This is it, for real this time. I can't wait to get out to see my friends, I can do with the waiting of going to class and doing homework haha. But I'm driving to Utah again, in my new 2008 Suzuki sx4 (pictures will surface sometime soon I imagine). It'll take 4 days with my cousin and Aunt. And then I'll be moving in, getting things out of storage, buying books, and setting up my new apartment, so I'm afraid it may be a while before I can post again. But I hope to be back ASAP or just not leave at all!


Jessica said...

So...Dinner for Shmucks is a remake of the French film "Le Diner de Cons" or "the dinner game" and when Jason told me about it I was like "what the trash!?" because I've seen the french film like twice. Oh p.s. I have a bridesmaid dress for you. Because I'm awesome. So I need you to figure out what size you need...

Kell said...

a) I 'm aware of the French film, it's mentioned in the opening credits of the movie. b) oh really? what's it look like? I guess we'll discuss this when you call me later.