Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here in Small Town, USA

I'm writing from the middle of Kansas-Ellsworth, KS to be exact-in literally the only hotel in this town. It's legit Kansas style. (Ellsworth, like the Rascal Flatt song, heard it? Go check it out, it's good.) Anyway, I'm in Kansas because I'm headed back out to BYU. Today, somewhere along the long, boring road of I-70 I found Waldo! He was in a red little Toyota. Drove with him for several miles (and when I say several I mean for like over 100 miles). And I really have to say that I love staying in Hotels. It's just kind of relaxing and chill. Everything in uncluttered and you don't have to make your bed in the AM lol. And I'm a huge, huge fan. Since my summer is now over (sad, sad day) I realized I saw A LOT of movies this summer since school got out last April. And most of these I didn't have to pay for (which makes it EVEN better) because I saw them with my family or Uncles and their families. Here they all are in order from least favorite to most favorite.

9. Eclipse (eh, had to see it. I got to finish the whole series and they are alright)
8. The Sorcerers' Apprentice (Surprisingly, funny. A little juvy, but not as bad as I thought)
7. Knight & Day (Funny, funny!)
6. Inception (Mind boggling, but not as good as I thought it was going to be)
5. Dinner for Schmucks (Stupid, but SUPER hilar)
4. Robin Hood (Pretty intense, way different than I thought. Saw it twice)
3. The A-Team (SOOOOO FUNNY, so quotable. LOVE it. Will buy DVD)
2. Salt (So B. A. I freaking LOVED it. I will be buying this DVD too)
1. Killers (Just ahead of my #2. Freaking HILARIOUS. My favorite, saw it twice. When is the DVD release date? It's a must have)

The sad thing is, I still have a long list of movies I am DYING to see. Good thing in Provo I can see a movie for $1.25 with my student ID card at the "Dollar" Theatre! How awesome is that? Good thing considering I am a poor college student for the next 3 years :)

PS- I really wish I had seen just 1 more movie , so that my list would have been a nice, round "Top 10" List. Bummer.

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