Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kids with baggy pants hangin below their ass.

Pet peeves, things that raise your stress level, your blood pressure, things that are so small and minute but for some reason set you off, things that are huge and piss you right off. What are yours? A few of mine, in no systematic order of rank (and some are further discussed in previous posts of mine) are:

1. Too much PDA. No one cares about your relationship, nor do we want to see it in all its disgusting public touching and making out.

2. Not matching ones clothes. I mean...just coordinate

3. "Facebook (or any other social network) Wars." GROW way up.

4. People asking me (an 'Army Brat') if I like or get used to moving or my Dad deploying. The answer is NO. Would you like moving away from all your friends/school/home/life on a regular basis or having your Dad leave for months-years at a time and being shot at or almost blown up everyday? We just DEAL with it and move on. Toughin' up.

5. Being late to ANYthing. It is a life skill, acquire it. Use it.

6. Stupid people. Vague, yes, but it does encompasses most people unfortunately. I do not understand why people cannot use their heads intelligently.

7. Weird people. Different does not mean weird, but there IS a fine line between normal and weird, I do not care what anyone says.

8. Attention Grabbers. Whether you play the hypochondriac, the drama queen, the misunderstood depressed kid, the weirdo, the narcissist, WHATever. Get over yourself and get a personality and you will not need to put on a show for people to pay you some notice.

9. People touching the windows of my car. Get your grimy, print leaving hands off of them.

10. Parents who do not control their offspring. They are your responsibility, if you did not want that responsibility we all know how you could have prevented the birth of those little jam hands.

11. Jam Hands. Definition: children whom, no matter what they are doing or what they are eating, accumulate jam on their hands and then proceed to smear their jam hands all over the place.

12. People driving under the speed limit. arhhhhh! Cue the road rage.

13. Parents who allow their underaged kids and their friends to drink alcohol at their homes for parties. Stupid. Irresponsible. Horrid example.

14. An employee at a place of business in the United States who cannot speak ENGLISH. This is America, our national, official language is English. Learn it ASAP. I am only going to say what once and my blood pressure is already rising.

15. People who cannot park. Put car in between thick white lines. Not that hard.

16. Fake, made up names. It is not cool. It is gay.

17. kewl. 2nite. wut. shud. l8er. Gosh, I almost gagged typing those just to use as an example.

18. When you are not sure if it is a guy or girl. That is just wrong.

20. People who in their eyes can do no wrong and are never wrong. You are ignorant. You are annoying. You are wrong.

21. Those who do not obey the express line item limit. Can you read? Can you follow simple directions? Like I said, I hate stupid people (and those who are inconsiderate).

22. People who suck at their job and suck at customer service. Just DO what you were freaking hired for and being paid to do before I lose it on your incompetence and verbally abuse you.

23. When you pull at a string on an article of clothing and it does not break but keeps unraveling. I mean..really?

24. When people talk to me in the morning when I first get up and am getting ready. I am not a morning person, I hate them, leave me ALONNNEE.

25. Receiving the text 'k.' Give me the courtesy of a full sentence. (and when it is lower case, not including the phones that do not automatically capitalize the first letter in a text, I know you typed something else, erased it, put 'k' and sent that instead).

26. Rappers, gangsters, "gangsters," people who think they are too cool, Justin Beiber, Obama, people who protest at fallen soldiers FUNERALS (what the hell is wrong with you?), people who try to debate and have an opinion when they have no idea what they are talking about, people who do not act their age. They make my skin crawl. I have no use for them.

27. Going braless. G-ross.

28. Cashiers giving me bills, change, and receipt. I do not have 3 hands to take care of the bills, change and receipt into my wallet at the same time, and then the coins end up on the floor.

29. Sharing my popcorn. Irrational, does not make sense. Just do not eat my popcorn.

30. Talking during a show/movie or asking me what is going on in the show/movie. Because you were running you trap I now do not know what is going on and I now want to smack you in the head.

Just 30 things that I thought up right now, I am growing bored of this and I can only come up with this clever commentary for so long before it gets bad. No need to worry however, I am sure, positive actually, that I will expand on some of these and post about even more in the future. The things that bother me in this world are truly endless. Maybe my next post should be about things I actually like and make me smile.... Would not want anyone to think I hate life now, would we?

PS-Did anyone notice there was not a single contraction in this post? It is actually quite difficult to NOT use them. You do not believe me, do you? Go ahead, try it. It is not as easy as one would initially think :) [oh and that's the right way to make an emoticon. Not like this (: argh it just looks wrong].


Jess said...

Ok, I love you so much. I agree with everything. Especially about people asking about "do you get used to your dad deploying?" (I didn't really have to deal with the moving thing...) The worst is when people say, "I don't know how you do it." Um...don't really have a choice.

Kell said...

haha I know right. When someone says, "I don't know how you do it" In my head I'm like umm what do you want us to do instead? Stop living life? haha

Jess said...

True that!

kelsey said...

i heart you kell bell