Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I can give the advice, but I struggle in taking it

Okay, I know I've kind of fail at every week posting my favorite secret from the Post Secret website. But I just hadn't felt like it or liked one enough to post it. So, I'll think I'll recant what I said slightly and just post them when I want to.

This is one from this past Sunday, the 25th.

I really liked this one because I think a lot of us don't tell people what we need to. Whether it is feelings of love, anger, hurt, betrayal, gratefulness or whatever. Sometimes it is really hard to say "thank you" and even harder to say "this hurt me." We, I very much so included, need to start telling these people how we feel. Maybe they don't realize how much we needed them and to thank them will make them realize how much we care. And maybe they don't realize how much they hurt us, and by pretending nothing is wrong just harbors feelings of resentment that continue to grow until we can't stand it and every thing that person does steps on our last nerves, and it negatively effects our relationship. We need to take the 'first step to break the silence.'

Much easier said than done.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like ur writing about your own family; my aunt and uncle...

Kell said...