Friday, July 30, 2010

Do you think everyone is who they say they are?

If you know me, you know that I LOVE movies. Not many more things can make me happier than a hot bag of popcorn and a good movie on the closest screen to me. I don't have a favorite genre; I love comedy, drama, thriller, romantic, horror, action, adventure, musical, Disney/Pixar animations. All of them. I love the characters, the plots, the excitement, the growth of the people and story; I just really enjoy getting really into a movie, and I see a ton of movies. I mean, c'mon, I'm one of those kids who keeps their ticket stubs and saves them. This summer alone I have seen Killers (twice, it is THAT good and THAT funny), Date Night, Robin Hood (also, twice. On the same night...back to back. It's a long story), The A-Team (super funny, "Alpha Mike Foxtrot!!"), Knight & Day, The Sorcerer's Apprentice (surprisingly a much better movie than I expected), Eclipse (yes, I'll admit it. I've read all the books and seen all the movies. Once I start a series I have to finish it, no matter what. Even though at the end of the series I have the same feeling of ending a soccer game with a tied score of 0-0....nothing happened and a complete waste of time), and last night I saw Salt. These are just the movies I've seen in theatre, not mentioning all the ones I've watched online and on TV. FX, TBS and ABC Family show a lot of good movies. I don't have one favorite movie, but my top ones are: Sweet Home Alabama (I love Resse Witherspoon), The Phantom of the Opera, Juno (Ellen Page is hilarious), Grease, Enough, Double Jeopardy, The Proposal, The Ugly Truth (I love Katherine Heigl), Killers, The Breakfast Club, Moulin Rouge, Disturbia..okay I'll stop there or I'll be listing movies for the rest of the night. Anyway, there is actually a point to all this, I'm not just telling you about my love of movies. I've always thought, like "hey, the best job EVER for me would be to be a movie critic." I mean c'mon, it'd be so awesome. But since I'm grounded in reality I know I most likely will not be a top movie critic writing articles about what I've seen in The New York Times about my thoughts and feelings. So! I shall now be doing it from my home. The latest movies I see I'll write a little about then :) Fun, fun! haha

*Don't worry, reading this will NOT spoil the movie. Promise*

SALT starring Angelina Jolie as CIA agent Evelyn Salt accused/caught as being a Russian spy! dun, dun, dunnn. I REALLY enjoyed this movie. [For the record, I'm so not a fan of her husband, but whatever.] It was SO intense. Granted, a bit predictable (what movie isn't), but there were a few times for a several minutes or seconds I was completely dumbfounded about the plot twist I had just witnessed. And I was like whoa, whoa! Whaaaa? The opening scene grabs you and hooks you SO well. It's a dramatic scene with North Koreans interrogating (and we all know they have unorthodox ways of interrogation) a captured America. I spent a lot of that movie literally very tensed up because I was so into it. It was almost non-stop action but done so well that I was not getting tired of it. The fight scenes weren't never-ending, like those in Transformers 2 (I still liked that movie though, it was funny). The audince wasn't thinking "Seriously? They've been fighting for like, the whole movie." The car chases weren't ridiculously unrealistic. There are some epic moves. And the usefulness of a taser gun was definitely highlighted. It's not the "feel good" movie of the year, it's every US federal agency versus Russian operatives trying to destroy America. Casualties are inevitable. The ending is great(!) and fit extremely well. It's exciting and you'll be starring at the screen, mouth slight ajar thinking ohhh my gosh! Did you see that!? Angelina Jolie is pretty badass and super smart in this movie. I love her character, Evelyn Salt, she's a highly trained CIA agent, one of the best. And I am a fan of her blonde hair.

OKAY, I just watched the trailer and my desire to see it again has just increased immensely.

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