Sunday, June 13, 2010

Keys and Cell Phones

I think those are (keys and cellphones) the most regularly lost items by their owners and often turn up in the weirdest spots. I once found my phone in the laundry (thankfully BEFORE it was washed), and my keys seem to get up and move around the entire house once I set them down and turn my back. It's like freaking Toy Story or something. Anyway...

This weeks Post Secret had a lot of good ones and I had trouble picking only one as my favorite (plus, aren't we all impressed I remembered to post my favs). So through out this week, I'll probably post a few more. Two of my favorites today were:

Now, obviously with out the correct context it's difficult to understand this one completely. But the reason I like it is because, well I've never had a "childhood home" per se, but I have many places around the country I can call home...friends in all these places that were like my family and I have driven away many times from home, more often than not, to never see it again. Having to turn around and leave seems to get harder every time. Speaking of which the packers come tomorrow to my house because I am once again moving (fml) in two weeks and I have SO much to do. But it's hard to get started and I never know where to start and it's kind of overwhelming. (Hence, why I am blogging instead).

Alright, this one is just plain HI-LARIOUS [pronounced 'high larious' (What I Like About You anyone?)]. Whoever does this is amazing. I make it a point to try to not talk on my cell phone for a long time or loudly when I'm out in public (mainly I feel awkward when people can hear me on the phone, I don't know, I don't like it). People who are loud and lengthy on the phone when like, everyone else around them is quiet is super annoying. I can just imagine some mannerless idiot struggling with his cell phone completely dumfounded and wholly unaware he's being toyed with. It makes me laugh...not out loud, but on the inside though for sure. And with a dorky grin on my face.

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