Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stay out all night, forget tomorrow

I realize I may have blogged about this slightly before or at least touched on some of it.
Life is always changing. Through the monotony of the everyday-waking up, working, school, family, friends, whatever-through the monotony of life, everything is constantly changing, for the better and sometimes for the worse. Paradoxical, yes; but it's true. We are always moving forward, looking towards what we want to happen and what we want to have in the future. Even if we don't want to be moving forward. As we reach goals, our goals change. Our hopes and dreams are constantly altering and changing too. What about the now? Why do we always have to be moving towards something? As we progress through life we write, end and began new chapters of our lives. We experience things that change us, change our views. People are always coming into our lives, some stay but some are always leaving too. We are always coming in and out of people's lives too. And all the people in our lives, just as we are, are changing and striving for different things. This constant movement in our lives is what crosses our paths with others. Our paths cross, run alongside with, veer away and turn back to each other and merge together all throughout our lives. I'm a little tired of all the change however, there are some times in my life I wish we were all just in a vacuum of time. The days still pass but we're not working to something off in the distance, we aren't worrying about anything too dramatic, we don't have to/aren't making life changing decisions, we're not coming or going, we're just...being. Doing whatever with friends or family. Nothing to depressing is happening; it's like those few lazy days of summer, you know? When we are in between the chapters of our lives and time just moves slower and we spend the days and warm nights with friends going to movies, having bonfires, playing frisbee, swimming, going boating, to theme parks and watching reruns of our favorite shows. Can't we ever have those days for longer before we all start moving on again, to often in different directions. Obviously we can't and if we did we wouldn't change...for the better most of the time. And we can't block our paths that will cross over into so many others. But it's hard sometimes to look ahead when we want time to stall. It's hard to want the things we want for ourselves and our friends when we know they may stand between us. I hate missing people I love and I always am. I adapt well to change, I've had to being in a military family that moves every 1 to 3 years, but I have never said I liked it much.

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