Friday, April 2, 2010

Stealth Mode and Pranks

Who doesn't love April Fool's Day? In the course of just a few days since my friends on my floor challenged me (I know, I don't know what they were thinking either? But they were good, I did teach them stealth mode haha) I taped Marie's scissors to the ceiling, messed with Marian's computer, locked Elise's drawer closed, stole Marie's backpack, put a cup filled with water upside down on Marian's desk, chased Marie down and put her in the showers with Jessica's help and Becca Hatch's and Rachel's help. I also locked Marian's closet doors shut and ceran wrapped Becca Smith's car shut. Also, the paranoia inflicted on a lot of the girls on my floor of what I was going to do to them is often by itself a good enough prank lol.
I inadvertently (only sometimes) thwarted Marie and Becca's pranks on me. But Rachel and Becca got me and Marie pretty good when they put our beds in the shower haha It was freaking HILARIOUS *clap, clap*. Even though April Fool's Day is over does not mean the pranks will stop, by any means; nor was it the beginning of them. The past two semesters all over the building have been riddled with trash/recyclables, silly string, hundreds of balloons, minor and temporary "thefts," and just general sneaking around. It's all in good fun, I enjoy creating controlled chaos and take getting pranked by others with a good attitude. It's a fun time.
(PS- My team did when the "Stealth Challenge" that Marie and Becca challenged us too. I mean it will never really be over entirely. But to the close of April Fool's Day, yes). It just makes life more fun :)
This is how we do Stealth mode haha

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Caitlin said...

we are awesome. by the way watch out. in my book april fools lasts the entire month