Friday, April 23, 2010

The Great Adventure's of Caitlin and Kelly-Part 1

So me and cfischet have been driving for 2 days now. We started in Provo, UT (duh) and now we're in South Bend, IN (the Fighting Irish). The first day we were in UT, WY, and NE. I feel like one of the best way to tell ya'll how it's going is to show you my tweets, so here they are.

Bye for now Provo, I'll miss ya.

9:25 AM Apr 23rd via txt

Hello Wyoming, good to see you again. It's been a while.

11:02 AM Apr 23rd via txt

I'm sorry...this road is called overthrust (seriously? best road name ever)

11:23 AM Apr 23rd via txt (We stopped to buy fireworks! amazing)

Just went over the continental divide. It's elevation is 7,000 feet in case you were wondering.

2:08 PM Apr 23rd via txt

Oh-we just ran over a tumbleweed

2:50 PM Apr 23rd via txt

I'm glad there's a seagull in the middle of Wyoming...

2:55 PM Apr 23rd via txt

I love the blinding snow storm here in WY, it's so conducive to our driving. I can't think of a better way to spend 12 hours of my life.

3:51 PM Apr 23rd via txt (It was ridiculous and the roads were awful and slush and icy)

LOV DSNY Really? That's your license plate bud? So, not okay.

4:28 PM Apr 23rd via txt

Truck Drivers, you have miles of open, empty road. Why do you insist on passing each other at the exact moment I'm about to pass you both?

6:23 PM Apr 23rd via txt (It has happened over 10 times now)

SIDE NOTE: In NE we drove into torrential downpours

This is what impending doom looks like, I know you were wondering.

Ooh, ooh! Did you see that!? An hour of my life just vanished into thin air. Thank you time zone change.

7:10 PM Apr 23rd via txt

My feet are freezing which makes it difficult to sleep which sucks b/c I have to get up in 6 hours & drive for 12 for the 2nd day in the row

about 20 hours ago via txt

We ended our day in Kearney, NE. Got up the next morning and had a great breakfast and hit the road for 12 more loooong hours in the car. Today was not as eventful as the day before but we made really good time to IN.

MA BEAR nice license plate minivan. Im glad we stayed together on the highway yesterday for several hours &stayed overnight in the same town

about 13 hours ago via txt

I like the tea kettle shaped water tower outside of Omaha. It's not redneck at all.

about 11 hours ago via txt

I wonder how many gallons of gas a semis gas tank holds

about 10 hours ago via txt (I was then informed by _khansen that it is 75-300 gallons)

Hm, the pringle lid is MIA. I guess that means we just have to eat them all right now.

about 10 hours ago via txt (The Pringles didn't last more than 4 hours after this)

"Do not pick up hitchhikers" Thank you Iowa highway sign for keeping us alive. Much appreciated.

about 9 hours ago via txt (I then saw 2 that day, don't worry we didn't pick them up)

UT, WY, NE, IA, zero cops. IL, 3 cops within 5 minutes and within like an hour of being in the state

about 5 hours ago via txt (Thought I was about to get pulled over at point and FREAKED out, slight meltdown...slight)

blue slurpee+red slurpee=best slurpee ever

about 4 hours ago via txt

The X-Men are real! We just passed Dr. Xavier's school for them, Xavier University in Illinois.

about 4 hours ago via txt

"Club 390-all the liquor, none of the clothes." I love billboards signs

about 4 hours ago via txt

Sign in IN-Emergency Stopping Only:2Hour Limit-It's comforting to know any catastrophe that happens to me will only take up 2hrs of my life

about 3 hours ago via txt

Some creepy guy in overalls driving a white van just got arrested. Are we on cops?

about 3 hours ago via txt

In the bathroom at a stop in IN

Also, today we passed a place called, no lie, Grimes. Really? Poor town. We're now in our hotel room and are going to bed soon because we have 12 more hours to drive to get cfischet's house in NY and then the following day I have 6 more hours to drive to get home to upstate-northern NY.

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