Sunday, April 11, 2010

Change is Inevitable-Except from a Vending Machine

"There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered."

-Nelson Mandela

The semester is coming to a close here in just under 2 weeks; it's actually really depressing and there are a million things I have to do: papers, projects, study, finals, take my car in to the auto place, pack, book hotels, etc..(and yes, I see the irony of "wasting" my time online blogging if I have so much to do). And I need to try to find time in there to eat, sleep and spend time with friends I won't see for a long time, and a few that it's up in the air when I will see them again at all. I'm really going to miss my friends and time here in Utah for the 4 months I'm at home. But I'm also really excited to go home and see my friends in New York and my family. I wonder if I will have changed to them? I spend basically every second with myself ;) so I can't really ever see any change that takes place within me and on the outside. My friends here have watched me change (if I have significantly) over time and it's mostly unnoticeable. Will I seem different to people back home? Will I look older or different? Will I have changed for the better? I must remember to ask them later of the first impression with seeing me again for the first time when I get home. I wonder if people will seem different to me back home, and if after the summer, we'll all seem to have changed when we all get back to school in the Fall.

I don't think the core, the substance and foundation, of someone ever really changes (most of the time), we are who we are. But I do think at the same time the experiences we have, the trials we go through, shape who we are and change our thoughts, ideas and perspectives and views on issues, topics and life. I know I'm different than I was even 2 years ago, but I'm still me. I'm recognizable physically and personality-wise to anyone who has ever know me for any amount of time. Change in oneself is an interesting thing and I wish I could playback my life and watch the moments in my life that changed who I was almost to my core.

Me and Marian...............................15(ish) years later

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Jessica said...

My favorite quote: "I spend basically every second with myself"

and ummm you and Marian are freaking adorable (in the picture on the left) I kinda laugh out loud every time I see it.