Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Waiting and Hating

I do not understand why people can't be on time. And furthermore, I can not understand why people don't care that they aren't on time. It just flat out baffles me. Maybe it was the way I was raised, maybe it's just the way I am, but when I am late it absolutely kills me, it stresses me out (and I'm sure we all have enough in our lives that stress us out. We don't need to add anymore self-inflicted stress). Not to say I am never late, but I am generally on time... or even early. I like to plan to be to places early, because what if you can't find your shoes, or you get lost on the way there or something happens out of your control. If you have planned on being early you'll still be there on time. And it just ensure that I am not late. If you get places early you don't feel rushed, you get better seats, you don't walk in awkwardly late, etc., frankly the list of benefits goes on. Every now and then you might wake up late and don't get out the door on time, that's okay, no big deal if it's not on a regular basis. But I hate it when some people are just flat out late ALL the time. You obviously can't get ready in the time you think you can, get up 15 minutes earlier! Trust me, it is not going to kill you, you will survive. And don't mosey along in getting ready, get your butt moving. If you being late only affects you, then alright, be late and just look like an idiot by yourself. But if you being on time effects other people....you can not be late. It is not okay to make others late when they would have been on time if not for you. Do they realize how inconsiderate that is to those they are making late? It's just ridiculous, and makes people resent them and hate going places with them. Does it not embarrass them that they are never on time, for ANYTHING? When I say I am leaving at 5, it means at 5 I am walking out the door to my car, not at 5:10, not 5:15, at 5 o'clock...in the car, leaving. Give yourself more time (more than you think, because you definitely need it), just be on time and keep others from waiting on you. I don't get why people think it's okay and no big deal to be late. It's rude and super annoying.


MeLanie said...

i feel like there is animosity directed at someone?? :)

Kell said...

Oh, you know someone is particular, yes. But it is also a general pet peeve I have always had and applies to more person than just one.

Caitlin said...

so so so so so true. i effing hate being late. i think you might be the only one that understands the stress induced from being late.