Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Public Displays of Annoyance

PDA. Everyone does it, but too many couples cross the line. Aw, cute ya'll are holding hands, a quick peck and/or a hug to say goodbye or hello. I'm glad you have a significant other, I approve. But, when I'm walking through the JKB on campus I don't want to see your dorky, awkward and gangly boyfriend sprawled across the floor in the lobby in the middle of the day with you passed out with your head on his chest. I mean seriously? No one wants to see that. And no one wants to see you and your girlfriend making out in the square because, oh no you both have class and have to be separated for a whole FIFTY minutes. What are ya'll going to do with yourselves?! Then walking through the Tanner Building and I come around a corner and the MOST awkward couple I think I have ever seen in my entire life is fused together at the lips in a doorway to a freaking classroom at 1 in the afternoon. I mean c'mon, just go home and make out on your coach or in your car. I don't care where, I mean good for you, you have someone to make out with, but we don't want to see it. And no one really cares you have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Please don't try to make your relationship as public as possible to show off your boy (b/c most people are not going to find him attractive) or your girl (I mean this IS BYU it may be her first boyfriend ever, and no one wants to see that awkwardness). Having a girlfriend/boyfriend doesn't make you better than the single student population and acting like it does just makes no one like you...actually makes everyone kind of loathe you. And when you can't go 5 minutes with out talking to your bf/gf, just makes you seem clingy, desperate and pathetic. Have some independence and pride. No, I am currently not in a relationship but when I am I can go more than a few hours without having a meltdown if I don't get to see or talk to him and I don't make out so the whole world can see. No one wants to see you all over each other. Oh, and FYI, ya'll are probably not as cute as you think, stop subjecting us to your nerdy relationships. K, thanks :)


MeLanie said...

AGREED. Ugly people kissing make me vomit in my mouth. Too bad none of them will read this and know to change... :)

Jessica said...

I loathe ALL of the nastily awkward couples in Helaman Halls