Saturday, February 27, 2010

shake, shake, shake, shake, uh shake it

I don't know about you but I was raised to shake someone's hand firmly and look them in the eye whether the person is male/female, older/younger, a complete stranger/meeting them again. Take their hand and freaking shake it! These flimsy little, gay handshakes I've been getting lately are pathetic. When I meet another girl and I shake her hand and she barely grips my hand I think "really? She's high maintenance, prissy, and has never been in situations where she's meeting new people." Sorry if that's not the case, but that is now what I think of her. I am immediately going to not like her. When I meet a guy and his handshake is weak, not only is it a big turnoff but I'm thinking "umm what? ew" It's a little femmy to me. Shaking someone hand firmly shows confidence and surety of yourself. You are saying, "Here I am, take me seriously, I have a personality and opinions." Handshakes are a big part of your first impression with someone, don't you want to make a good one? So man up (yes, you women too), don't be a pansy and shake someone's hand with confidence and pride.

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MeLanie said...

I love you for so many reasons. :)